Overcoming Depression

Overcome Depression And Reclaim Your Life

When you are suffering from depression, you may feel like your entire life revolves around managing your negative thoughts and feelings caused by depression. You may be having a sense of worthlessness, hopelessness, and you may think that there isn’t a point in going forward in life.  These thoughts are often accompanied by a feeling …

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Feeling gratitude

Cultivating Gratitude

We experience our life in a collection of moments; some moments are big and impactful whereas some are simple and small. Why is it so difficult for us to appreciate the simple things in our lives? –Something as simple as the aromatic smell of an energizing cup of coffee on a sleepy morning, Or the …

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Discovering happiness, even if you feel low


As December sets in, everything around you oozes of cheer, joy and happiness. Daily life seems to get a boost of excitement when you see that preparations for the celebrations have begun all around – be it Christmas, New Year’s or weddings. However, amidst all the December enthusiasm, there may be people who are feeling low, depressed and lonely.

Positive Role of Social Media


One of the major concerns that most parents today have is the prominence of social media and instant messaging in their teenager’s daily routine. Parents are genuinely worried that their promising teenager will neglect studies, household activities and while his time away. As psychologists, we understand your concerns. However, despite the much talked about adverse effects of social media, there is also some good news.


A Short Story On Happiness

Here is a special story that shows us how we identify with happiness. Its a short Sufi, Middle-Eastern story taken from here. The Sack Mulla came upon a frowning man walking along the road to town. “What’s wrong?” he asked. The man held up a tattered bag and moaned, “All that I own in this wide …

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‘Maybe’- A Zen Story

I just love stories! The role of stories in conveying deeper meanings without appearing like direct instruction is unmatched. In my sessions too, I love citing cases or telling stories.

Zen stories are beautiful, in their simplicity and depth of meaning. Here is a lovely story which characterizes the meanings people attach to all events of life. The way we characterize situations as good or bad for us. It reveals simply the meaninglessness of attaching meanings. Read on and enjoy!

Why Marriages work despite problems

Why Marriages And Relationships Work Inspite Of Problems

A happy marriage or relationship is where both partners understand each other, love each other unconditionally, communicate effectively and love doing little nothings for each other- so we are told. Those marriages or couples that are not like this are not quite there!

However, we see in our own lives and in lives of those close to us, a number of relationships do not have these qualities. And yet, they last! Some for decades! Ever wondered how is it that without these so assumed ‘basic’ needs, relationships still last?

focus on the positive


Whatever we focus on expands.

As human beings with limited resources of attention, we can only focus on a few things at a time. Naturally, whatever we invest energy and attention in, becomes more important and significant to us. In other words, it gets amplified. The other aspects of the situation are ignored.

Amplification is the process of making something larger and more important than it is, be it thoughts, emotions or experiences. Unfortunately, usually without even consciously realizing, most people focus on the negative aspects of situations. We’re always thinking of what all can go wrong, rather than what can go right. With this mode of thinking, people soon find themselves spiraling downwards into an abyss of anxiety, fear and depression.

The Art of Listening

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