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Introduction to Mindfulness

Free Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

Get Introduced to the Basic Premise of Mindfulness and Meditation

facilitator of Yama Niyamas Module

Free Workshop on
Mindfulness Meditation

  • Understand the philosophy behind Mindfulness
  • Learn the practice of Meditation
  • Know more about the content of the 8 week Mindfulness Meditation course which has been taught for over 10 years.
Date: 4th August. Time: 10.30 am -12 noon.

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Details Of The Introduction To Mindfulness Workshop


4th August 2024  |  Sunday  |   10:30 am to 12 noon IST


Free of charge. 

Prior registration is mandatory.


Online, via Zoom. Live Online Workshop. (Recordings available for those who can’t attend it live)





Batches Conducted

"I became so much more calm. I realised that my anger subsided. My family realised I was much less angry. I also realised that I could actually reduce my heartrate by ten fifteen points by just simply relaxing. These were really wonderful benefits I was getting."

Experience Of Our Past Participants

Who Can Benefit from Mindfulness Meditation

Mindfulness Meditation is a practice that is beneficial for every human being. It is essentially a practice of turning inwards and making friends with oneself-with one’s mind, body, thoughts and emotions. It is a very beneficial practice whether you are looking for inner support while facing a challenge in life or are simply interested in deepening your wisdom and well-being.

If you are going through any of the difficulties mentioned below, you will definitely find the practice of mindfulness meditation of great benefit.

Sense of Meaninglessness

If you are going through a sense of meaninglessness or purposeless,
mindfulness meditation can help you
uncover the deep underlying unease
and work through it

Stress in Life and at Work

If you are often stressed, mindfulness meditation can help regulate your nervous system. It can help reduce the stress response in the body bringing a sense of balance and ease

Relationship Struggles

If you are navigating a difficult relationship with a parent, a partner or anyone else, mindfulness can support by helping you cultivate the ability to let go and stay compassionate to yourself and others.

Chronic Pain or Health Issues

If you are dealing with health related difficulties, often there is deep imbalance in the mind and body. Mindfulness meditation can improve the possibility of healing by creating rest and balance.

Anxiety/Other Difficult Emotions

If you are dealing with anxiety, fear, grief or other overwhelming emotions, you may feel stuck in a loop of mental stories and feelings. Mindfulness can provide ways to manage these thoughts and emotions.

Life Challenges and Setbacks

If you are going through a setback or a challenging time, turning inwards for inner support and resource is crucial. Mindfulness can help w by providing a way to feel centred amidst the chaos.

Perks Of Attending
A Mindfulness Workshop

personally interact with the trainer

Learn from other's questions and experiences

Experience live Guided Meditations

Be part of our Mindfulness Community

Ask your questions

What You Will Learn In This Mindfulness Workshop

Basic concepts of Mindfulness and Meditation

The Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Workshop will orient you to the basic concepts of mindfulness, why it is so relevant for us today, the fundamental importance of self-awareness, the need for meditation and how mindfulness meditation can open up a path to a life of wisdom and well-being.

How to Meditate Or Restart Your Practice

You will learn how to bring mindfulness practices into your life. You will also learn how to meditate. Your questions about challenges, when and how long to meditate will be answered. You will also receive links to guided meditations in order to establish a regular meditation practice after the workshop.

About Our Mindfulness and Self-Awareness Courses

The Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation workshop is just the beginning. Self-awareness is a journey of several layers. You will learn about the next steps on your way to growth and well-being. You will get oriented to the upcoming 8 Week Mindfulness Meditation Course which is an immersive and deep experience of knowing yourself and learning to deal with your thoughts and emotions.

More Testimonials: 8-Week Mindfulness Meditation Course

About The Facilitator-Sadia Saeed

In her 23 years of practice as a clinical psychologist she has extensively worked with various individuals and organizations helping them incorporate mindfulness and awareness practices in order to aid emotional resilience, personal growth and mental health. Her expertise is in blending the eastern and western approaches- integrating the study of Buddhist Suttas and yogic practices with neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and principles of somatic healing to present mindfulness in a way that is applicable to challenges of the present day.

Read more about Sadia

Sadia Saeed
Sadia Saeed - Founder, Psychologist, Mindfulness Trainer

FAQs For Introduction To Mindfulness Workshop

It is a two-hour interactive workshop, on zoom. The link will be provided to you once you register. The session will include sharing of wisdom concepts, live guided meditations and space for questions and answers.

We highly encourage attending the session live, as meditating in a group, speaking with the facilitator, and asking questions in real-time makes the experience far more insightful and meaningful. However, due to some personal constraints, if you just cannot attend the session live, we will share a recording with you. Prior registration is mandatory in order to receive the recording.

The workshop will be facilitated by Sadia Saeed, a clinical psychologist with an experience of 23 years. Her core work is to bring Indian philosophy into the realm of psychology and wellness and create courses that help people stay mentally healthy and have a meaningful, anxiety-free life. 

Sure you can ask questions pertaining to the concepts and practices shared and any doubts or challenges you may have about them. There is space during the workshop for such interactions.

Once you register for this course, we will have you on our data list and you will receive updates about future courses. Alternatively, you can subscribe to our newsletter by going to the home page. 

Also please feel free to call us or message us.

Hoping to see you soon!

  • Start a journey of self-awareness. There is nothing more rewarding than learning to be a friend to yourself.

  • Learn a way to live with less longing and more contentment.

  • Find a way to relax while just being you, without needing too much from the world or people around.

  • Learn a life-changing perspective and practice.

Join Us For The Mindfulness Meditation Workshop Now!

Free Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

  • Learn the Philosophy of Mindfulness
  • Practice with Guided Meditation
  • Know more about the 8-Week Mindfulness Meditation Course

Learn to Handle Challenging Thoughts & Emotions

A workshop by our founder Sadia Saeed, Psychologist, Meditation Trainer & Author


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