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Cultivating Gratitude

Feeling gratitude

We experience our life in a collection of moments; some moments are big and impactful whereas some are simple and small. Why is it so difficult for us to appreciate the simple things in our lives?

–Something as simple as the aromatic smell of an energizing cup of coffee on a sleepy morning, Or the beauty of nature as the trees sway in a light breeze on a sunny day?

Most of the time we keep thinking of the things that are not going well for us rather than the ones that are! Have you ever noticed yourself saying things like ‘This is boring!’, ‘She is mean!’, ‘It is hot!’, ‘This is not enough!’, ‘The food is not tasty!’ and so on.If you find yourself doing this, you should know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! If we look at it logically, we are simply wired to see the negativity and drawbacks, for the sake of survival. 

We spend more time and attention on unpleasant things around us. They start to occupy quite a bit of our mind,and over a period of time, we start becoming dissatisfied. To prevent us from reaching this stage of emotional being, we have to make a conscious effort and practice Cultivating Gratitude.

One simple and beautiful practice of cultivating gratitude can help to change this habitual nature of our mind. It teaches us to notice and appreciate the things that we are blessed with. 

Come, let us begin our practice of cultivating gratitude the correct way.

Most of our anger and harshness comes from our excessive judgment against ourselves and our lack of compassion. This video explains why self-compassion is needed.

A Practice for Cultivating Gratitude;

In this practice, you will make a conscious attempt to remember the good around you. You will try to appreciate it by feeling thankful for it.


  1. Start by closing your eyes and take three deep breaths. All the while try to be mindful of your breathing. It will create some space in your mind and help you to think clearly.
  2. Now think about the things that you are glad about. It could be something that happened today or something that is a constant part of your life. It could also be someone in your life; like someone in your family, a pet, a friend or an activity.
  3. Whatever it is that makes you happy, take a moment to imagine it. See a picture in your mind’s eye about it. Thank life for giving it to you.
  4. Smile gently, and then open your eyes.


Do this for 5 minutes everyday, religiously, to cultivate gratitude and experience a positive impact  in your life!

About the author

Simran Sharma

Simran works with teenagers, young adults, and the adult population. Her goal is to provide a non-judgmental environment to help clients become more self-aware and make a difference in their lives.

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