Normalcy is perhaps one of the most hyped myths. There is no definition of normalcy. It consists of perhaps a group of personal reactions and situations that society finds desirable. However, all of us deviate from that standard in some or the other way. Requiring counseling simply means you are perhaps in a situation, which may be an external or internal situation, where you are confused and disturbed and you need help to work with that situation.

Saying it simply, counselling is consulting with a therapist who is an objective, non-judgmental and professionally trained person, with whom you can share your innermost thoughts and feelings. This helps you to understand yourself better and helps you to address your emotional difficulties in a more adaptive fashion. These difficulties could be something you are facing in day to day life, a situation you are unable to deal with, a decision you find difficult to make, a relationship you find difficult to handle, a past you are unable to get over or emotions and feelings you find difficult to accept and deal with.

Counselling involves a relationship with the therapist, based on trust and honesty from both sides. All interactions you have with the therapist are extremely confidential and in no way will be revealed to anyone, however close to you, unless you explicitly request the therapist for the same. It is obligatory for the therapist to be absolutely honest with you too.

What to expect from counseling?

Any emotional problem or difficulty has its roots in our inner nature. Our feelings depend on how we think about ourselves, others and our situations. Often we think in ways that are not rational or we think about situations mistakenly. This is not because we are “foolish” or “wrong” in any way but because we have learnt to think of certain things only in certain ways. Being professionally trained to be unbiased and objective, a therapist is able to help you look at the negative or irrational patterns of thinking, which provides you with some clarity of perspective and helps you, deal with the problem more effectively. In addition, the psychotherapist is able to provide you with tools and techniques to work on those difficulties.

When you expect a magical or a quick fix solution from counselling, there is space for disillusionment. It is a slow process where you first accept that some changes are required within you and you progressively work at making those changes. Expecting the therapist to make your decisions or solve your problems will lead to your disappointment. She does not make your decisions, but helps you make and accept your own decisions and trust in them.

She is a support system for you. In your worst moments, your therapist will stand by you without judging you for your mistakes; however, she will also point out when there are mistakes.

How long will counseling last?

Entering the counselling process is entering into a new relationship with your therapist. Who is to say how long that relationship should last? Since counselling is a means of exploring your self and identifying your inner patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving, which have developed over years, it would take counselling at least a few months to help you understand a different way of addressing them. It is not for the therapist to set a deadline for counseling. It depends entirely on your inner feeling about the positive change you perceive within yourself.

(I have some people who have been with me for years. Initially they saw me once a week but now they come in once in 2-3 months just to recheck whether they are looking at a problem rationally or if the approach they are using to address the problem is objective.

Also some are just happy to know that I am around in case they need me, even though they are doing too well to have to see me professionally.)

How do I know when I am ready to discontinue counseling?

When you feel confident, are able to decide for yourself and feel like seeing your therapist less often, you are ready to discontinue. Abruptly putting a halt to counselling is not encouraged; instead a gradual decrease in the frequency of the sessions is suggested as a better option. However, you can be honest with the therapist regarding how you feel about discontinuing and come to a decision regarding what can be most beneficial for you.


Can I be friends with my therapist?

The therapist is your friend. She has your concern the closest to her heart. However, she is a professional and like every profession, being a therapist too comes with a code of dos and don’ts. Hence you pay for her time with you. Most of the time involved in therapy is focused on dealing with your emotional difficulties. However you can occasionally talk to her about your and her hobbies, passions and interests, provided they are not a means of keeping the primary issue at bay. If and when she feels that is happening, she would be sure to let you know. Also if you wish to call her when you are unable to deal with some feeling or situation and if it is a brief talk, you may. If it requires some length of time for discussion you would need to request for a sooner appointment.

Will I get dependent on my therapist?

On the contrary! Therapy aims at making you independent and helps you to believe in your own decisions and accept their consequences. During the initial stages of psychotherapy, however, you may feel like seeing your therapist often. You may feel uneasy if she is not available as per your requirements. That is primarily because you have started to look at your difficulties in a different light, which is making you uneasy and confused and you need her for reassurance. It is also because you are glad to have that new found support and you feel less lonely with her around. This is however only initial and will wear off in a few months as your belief in yourself increases and as you feel more comfortable being yourself in front of others. Remember, counseling is not a crutch for weak people. People who choose it are those who have set out to make a difference to their lives by initiating change rather than passively waiting for situations to change.

Is my therapist emotionally involved with me? / Does my therapist really care for me?

Your therapist is as human as you are and so your problems do touch her. Hers is a caregiver’s role. She cares for you deeply because she sees herself now in a role where she needs to ensure your well-being. At the same time, she is also equally cares for all the other people she is seeing simultaneously. Hence, she may at times be busy for you, may not be able to attend to you immediately, may not receive your calls instantly and this may make you feel less cared for. That, needless to mention, is untrue. You make her a part of your life and trust her with your innermost thoughts. Be certain, she respects that and will not be careless with you. However, you must talk to her about the way you feel, if you feel she is less involved.

What is group therapy?

Group therapy consists of a session conducted with a group of people. This group of people may be matched in terms of the problems they face or any other parameter that the therapist feels will be beneficial. The therapist may choose this group of people because she feels that they may be able to benefit each other by a sharing of their concerns and group dynamics will help them to deal more effectively with their own problem areas.

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90 thoughts on “FAQs”

  1. Hello,

    Yes, definitely! Therapy facilitates self-awareness which can be helpful in getting clarity on many aspects of our life. Feel free to call us on +91 9833985538 for further assistance!

    The Inner Space Team

  2. Confused personality

    Can therapy help if one is struggling to find meaning in life and wants to get clarity as to what one wants to do in life? Wants to get clarity to make certain life decisions for e.g. whether to marry or not?

  3. Hi, I’m exploring the option of online/virtual counselling for some serious ptsd and other related issues I’m dealing with. Can you please send me more details about how this could work (if at all) online, cost structure etc. ? Thanks in advance.
    I am specifically looking for a really experienced counsellor as I’ve already been to a few before and had to discontinue..
    (I’m currently not in India though originally I’m from Mumbai)

  4. Hi Rajvi,

    Thank you for reaching out. We can imagine how difficult it would be to cope with the distressing feelings anxiety and depression brings with them. Would you like to seek our support through counseling? Feel free to call us on 9833985538 and talk to our team members to understand the process of the same.

    With care,
    The Inner Space Team

  5. We are a recently married couple and need help to look at things rationally. Have lot of communication gap and anger issues. Please share cost structure

  6. Hi,

    I overthink and feel guilty for everything. I find it difficult to see myself in a positive way.
    Can therapy help? Can you please share the details and the fee structure, timings and branches?


  7. Hi Nilabh,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    We have emailed important details. Could you please check your inbox.
    Do take care. We are glad you reached out for help.

    Warm Regards
    The Inner Space Team

  8. I am Nilabh.I am feeling very depressed.I am unable to focus.I am a student and I feel that am useless.This thing killing me. I need help.

  9. Hi Kim,

    Thank you for writing to us. Could you please check your Junk / spam folders because it might have gone there.
    We have shared details on your email address.

    Warm regards,
    The Inner Space Team

  10. Hi Tenny,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    It seems like you are feeling helplessness at this point and that can get quite overwhelming. We are providing you with numbers of some helplines since you need immediate help. We have emailed important details. Could you please check your inbox.

    Do take care. We are glad you reached out for help.

    Warm Regards
    The Inner Space Team

  11. I want start a therapy I am depressed and suicidal let me know how it works as well as fee struccture

  12. Hi Sakshi,

    Thank you for reaching out.

    We are glad that you are seeking help for the concerns that you have. It is a very good idea to opt for checking and sometimes it can be quite tough to tackle such issues which worries us deep down. We have shared details of counseling along with our fees, so could you please check your email for more. Initially, you can book a consultation session with our therapist and we can take it forward from there onward.

    Do take care Sakshi.

    Warm Regards
    The Inner Space Team

  13. I want to get myself checked for depression, bipolarity and anxiety.
    What are your charges for the same?

  14. Hi Nikunj,

    Thank you for writing to us.

    We have sent you an email with the details. Please check and feel free to get back to us.

    Warm regards,
    The Inner Space Team

  15. What is the counseling charge?? And how much time before i need to book an appointment?? Do i get an appointment on the same today? I am a student from Indore and completely at sea and lost in middle of nowhere… I cant afford very high fees?? Can u let me know ur charges?

  16. Dear Alia,
    You seem to be going through a tough time. Maybe you can seek help from a counselor. A counselor would gently help you identify what the problem is and help you work through it. Throughout the process of counseling, she’ll be careful to hear you out and understand you.
    We suggest that you seek help, since it is not good to let things remain unresolved. Unresolved issues pile up and result in more stress. Working through whatever is bothering you would help you attain a calmer, more peaceful state of mind.
    Think about it and feel free to write back to us at info@dev.mulikainfotech.com/innerspacetherapy.in with any queries you might have about counseling.
    Take care

  17. Dear Shwetaa,
    Thank you for writing in. At present, we do not conduct professional training courses for psychologists.
    Warm Regards.

  18. Dear Sahiba,
    Thank you for writing in to us. We would be glad to support you through counseling. We have sent you an email with details about the process and fee structure of counseling. Please check for an email from info@dev.mulikainfotech.com/innerspacetherapy.in
    Warm Regards

  19. Dear P.Bhat,
    Thank you for writing in to us. We have sent you an email with details about the process and fee structure of counseling. Please check for an email from info@dev.mulikainfotech.com/innerspacetherapy.in
    Warm Regards

  20. Dear Rakesh,
    Thank you for writing in and sharing your concerns with us. We can understand that this must be a difficult time for you. We would be glad to support you through marriage counseling. We have sent you an email with details about the process and fee structure of counseling. Please check for an email from info@dev.mulikainfotech.com/innerspacetherapy.in
    Warm Regards

  21. Hi

    i am married for 16 years & i feel my marital life is not on the right track and requires some external help.

    i would request if you could kindly send me the details and fee structure before i take up an appointment.

  22. Dear D Sarcar,
    Thank you for writing in and sharing your concerns. We can understand this must be a difficult and overwhelming time for you.
    We would be glad to support you through counseling. We have sent you details about the process and fee structure for individual counseling via email. Please check for an email from info@dev.mulikainfotech.com/innerspacetherapy.in
    Take Care.

  23. Hi Mam:

    I am going through the lowest low of my life. I think I need some help. Please let me know about your fee structure for individual counseling.


  24. Dear V,
    Thank you for writing in. We would be glad to help you through counseling. We have sent you details regarding the process and fee structure of individual counseling via email. Please check for an email from info@dev.mulikainfotech.com/innerspacetherapy.in
    Warm Regards.

  25. Hello,

    please can you send me more information on counseling sessions and other details such as costs involved. I would like to come in for individual counseling.

    Thanks you,

  26. Malini Krishnan

    Dear Shri,
    We’d be glad to understand what really is happening to you and help you out. We are sending you the fee structure right away. Check for an email from info@dev.mulikainfotech.com/innerspacetherapy.in
    Take care 🙂

  27. Ma’am, I am a student and my problem is that from some time I cannot think and decide upon things! My self confidence is going down day by day. I need someone to make me speak out all that is inside.

    Please could you mail me the fee structure!


  28. Dear Mallika

    We aren’t the right people to ask about new educational opportunities in the field. I suggest you consult a career counselor who is updated about new courses.
    Sorry for not being able to help 🙂

  29. Hi,
    Please share your fees for counselling and details abotu sessions.

    Thanks & Regards,

  30. Hi,
    I am a Bsc. physics graduate & with a MBA in marketing. I have over 10 years work expereince. I have keen interest in knowing more about child psychology & would llike to pursue a course / degree in this field.
    Can you please suggest, from where can i do a correpondence course, online course , which is recognised & renowned by universities ( even if it foreign university). As i am working full time, i need to pursue this interest through correpondence.

  31. Malini Krishnan

    Dear Shreya,
    Thank you for writing in. We’d be glad to help you and your husband through counseling. However, we suggest that you have a word with your husband about counseling. If he is willing to see a counselor, we will then share more details about the process and fee of counseling with you.
    In case your husband is unwilling/unable to come in for counseling, you can come in by yourself. The counselor will help you explore your difficulties and work through them.
    Let us know what you decide
    Warm Regards.

  32. Malini Krishnan

    Dear Devika,
    Thank you for writing in. We apologize for the delay in response. We were really caught up with work. Sure, you can come over and have a brief chat. Call us on 9833983338 and we can mutually decide upon a day and time when you can drop in.

  33. Hello ma’am this is devika kapoor here i am a psychology student,however I wish to get a closer look at the subject and its application.I would like to come and talk to your team, I would love to hear a positive reply.
    Thank you 🙂

  34. Malini Krishnan

    Dear Debjani,
    Thank you for writing in and for sharing your concerns with us. We understand how demanding it must be to deal with the little one’s behavior and we’d be glad to help. We have sent you an email with the details you have requested for. Please check for an email from info@dev.mulikainfotech.com/innerspacetherapy.in

    Take care

  35. Debjani Banerjee

    I have a 2 year old daughter and lately she has become very aggressive, like couple of weeks back she bit me so hard that it turned blue. Also when we say no to her demands she bangs her head on the floor. we would like her to get counseled by you. Kindly mail me your fee details.

    Debjani Banerjee.

  36. Malini Krishnan

    Dear Satya,
    A few hours after you posted your comment, you got in touch us via phone and we took it ahead from there.

    Take care 🙂

  37. would like counselling sessions for my 20 yr old daughter. would like to know you fee structure.

  38. Dear Hitesh,
    We understand how difficult this situation must be and we would be glad to help you through counseling. We have sent you an email from info@dev.mulikainfotech.com/innerspacetherapy.in with details about the fee and process of counseling.
    Thank you for writing in.
    Take care

  39. have problems in my married life due to extra marital affair i got into after 10 years of my marriage – need to save my married life as i admitted it was a mistake and want to come out of it, need consultancy on same – before an appointment with you, i would request you to please update me with your fees.

  40. Hi need a councelling appointment for some one, however need to know the fees . . please mail me the details asap.

  41. hi mam,
    I am a second year of Counselng student from SNDT..i am highly impressed by your services you render..would love to work with you people..If any openings,or any workshops do let me know..will be pleased to be a part of it

  42. Dear Rachna,
    Thank you for writing in. We also received an email from you, which we replied to. However, your comment is a little more detailed and throws some more light on the situation. We need to gently look into the matter and find out why your daughter has become more aggressive. Often, behaviors such as aggression and disinterest in academics are indicators of deeper emotional issues, which need to be worked with. Also, some changes may have to be made in the environment of the child too. However, we would be able to suggest in greater detail only after we have gained a thorough background about the situation. Hence, we are sending you an email once again with a few details. Check for it.

    Thanks and Warm Regards

  43. Dear Madam,

    My daughter is 7 year old and studies in class I , we have observed serious change in her behaviour off late. She has complete lost interest in studies and has become very aggresive in her behaviour. She replies back to us. we are both working parents and she stays with her grandmom. Often she talks to herself. We are quite worried and want to know where we are going wrong in our approach.

    Kindly revert, if required we may meet you as well.


  44. madam let me know ur fees per session of counsellings. and i want to discuss my case on phone , whether counseling will help in this case.

  45. Request you to let me know the fees for counselling sessions. I wan to come for a pre marital counselling session with my partner. How much would it cost me and how many sessions will we have to take? Could you let me know how this procedure works?
    Thanks in advance

  46. Good evening mam
    i am addicted to thinking too much and i am very much absent minded These days .I want to make my life better but being a student i cannot afford much fees. mam please please and please help me out

  47. Hello Mam,

    I have seen the bad side of men since childhood. that has made me commitment phobic, making me screw up relationships that I be in and I really need to overcome that.

    Please reply me back as to how could I take an appointment and also the fee structure.

  48. I want help for my personal life as well as for some business problems. what will be your fees as i can not afford high fees.

  49. Hi Lucy

    You can call us at the contact number provided in the contact us section and we will try our best to do whatever we can for for you. All the best. Take care.

  50. I am a student and cannot afford very high counselling fees. But me and my ex boyfriend are in terrible trouble in our friendship and need immediate help. Please let me know if you can help us. thank you

  51. Hi Madam,

    I am totally messed up with my marriage life, i don’t understand what step to be taken. And for this issue i need your help, but before an appointment with you, i would request you to please update me with your fees, because i am a working guy with a small salary.

    Your early revert in this matter will be highly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards


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