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Advanced Mindfulness Meditation Course

The advanced mindfulness meditation course consists of several modules that aim to deepen self-awareness & personal transformation.

Upcoming Module: Deepening Concentration Module 2


Module 2: Deepening Concentration


April 2024


New Participants: INR 7,500/- (inclusive of 18% GST) or 110 USD

Repeat Participants: INR 6,500/- (inclusive of 18% GST) or 100 USD


Online, via Zoom



Modules of Advanced Mindfulness Meditation Course

The advanced course is based on a combination of Indian wisdom traditions and best practices in the field of psychotherapy. It has 6 modules that will help people move through a systematic, progressive path of emotional wellness, personal growth and spiritual progress.

This module focuses on the cultivation of essential qualities of wellbeing. The module draws inspiration from the Shila aspect of the Noble Eightfold Path and the Yamas and Niyamas of Yoga Sutras. Both these traditions encourage the development of certain qualities that are essential to reduce suffering, enhance wellbeing and support spiritual progress. This module focuses on six essential qualities of self-discipline, non-violence, truthfulness, contentment, generosity and surrender. Each quality is deeply understood and practiced with exercises and meditations for a week. Such practice provides the opportunity of uncovering some hidden unhelpful tendencies and gradually creating a change.

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This module focuses on alignment, posture, relaxation and concentration and establishing correct breath. It examines the different ways different traditions have approached meditation and helps you establish the method most suited to you. It also supports the cultivation of attitudes that help meditation and examines those that hinder meditation. In this module the attempt is to increase effort gently and make meditation a more regular part of your life.

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This module focuses on deepening compassion in your relationship with yourself and the world. The Cultivating Compassion draws from the four aspects of compassion or four Brahmaviharas which are called Metta, Mudita, Karuna and Upekkha in Pali and are often taught as a part of Buddhist practice. These have also been expounded in the Yoga sutras as Maitri, Mudita, Karuna and Upekshanam in Sanskrit. Each of these will be practiced during the course through practice prompts, meditations and application to real life situations.

This module brings attention to the body, the seat of intuitive wisdom. Aligning the mind and body is the primary goal of this module. This module helps you examine and heal your relationship with your body by using deep listening, movement and support. It also introduces concepts related to the subtle aspects of the body and the energy body in order to facilitate the understanding of subtle signals of the body before they manifest as gross pain, illness or emotional overwhelm.

This module hopes to create a therapeutic shift in one’s ability to relate to one’s emotional life. The Befriending Emotions module involves applying awareness and compassion to specific emotions like anger, jealousy, grief, fear and so on. In the level I program a mindful approach to work with emotions was introduced. In this module each week focuses on a specific emotion, your relationship with it and how it manifests in your personal context. The intention is to help you create capacity for the emotion, an understanding of the deeper aspects that trigger it and make friends with it so that it is no longer threatening or overwhelming to have the emotion.  

This module will provide more depth into the philosophical understanding of non-duality and what is means to practically establish oneself in the witness mind. It will explore concepts like identity, attachment, interdependence and will draw from both basics of Buddhist philosophy and Advaita Vedanta with the focus of integrating this learning and awareness into life through meditation and practice. Book reading and study groups may also be an aspect of this module.

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Reviews By Participants Of Our Advanced Course

Director's Note: Advanced Mindfulness Meditation Course


Sadia Saeed
Founder, Chief Psychologist & Mindfulness Trainer

The advanced mindfulness meditation modules are designed to help us take a deep dive into different aspects of our psyche, uncover the patterns that we are operating from and work on whatever is unhealthy, with wisdom and compassion towards ourselves and others.

This advanced course has 6 modules in which I have tried to keep a very practical orientation. My practice as a therapist, has given me precious insight into the areas where we get stuck in our defenses, or thought patterns or even our unconscious bodily tendencies. The modules are therefore designed to help us identify and work through these blocks in order to be able to live more authentically, freely and joyfully.

As human beings with our personal histories, cultural histories and millions of years of evolutional history, we have several thought, emotional and behavioural patterns that we develop and operate from. Some of these are unhelpful patterns which continue to operate subconsciously through our lives and are evident in the ways we relate to ourselves, others and our life. 

While we can see in ourselves symptoms like anxiety, jealousy, fear of future, fear of abandonment, relational difficulties, feeling betrayed, tendency towards perfectionism, not being able to give a hundred percent to anything, addictions and many others, we are only seeing the surface. We have little to no training to take a deep dive into our psyches and understand what are the underlying reasons for such symptoms, leave alone knowing how to work through them. The result is we exist in a state of angst, trying to find causes for our difficulties, fix blame on ourselves or others, stress over solutions, deny their existence or just keep avoiding the issue. However, none of these methods address the real issue. What is worse is that these methods keep us distant from ourselves, our true nature and leave little space to truly understand or embrace ourselves. 

The most important thing to understand here is that this is the human condition. We are not alone in developing these patterns. And there is a way to work through them. This way requires courage, effort and consistency. But what else can be more important and fulfilling than being at ease with yourself, deeply and experientially.  

It is time to see ourselves courageousy for who we are and undertake possibly the most crucial journey of our life- the journey to our true selves. The journey that will set us free. In the spiritual way of seeing things, the obstacles are the path. Our pain is often the reason we discover this path that ultimately bears the promise of freeing and healing us. 

If this way of deeply discovering yourself, to breathe freely and live joyfully motivates you, these modules are for you.

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FAQs On The Advanced Mindfulness Meditation Course

If you have completed the 8 week mindfulness meditation course with us, you can enrol for any of the advanced mindfulness meditation programs. These six modules will be given at different times based on the schedule. You can start with whichever module is being offered next.

The advanced mindfulness meditation program will create a space to deeply contemplate on ones personal tendencies and underlying patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour. They will provide active practices to deal with difficult emotions, regulate the body, develop a steady meditation practice, cultivate qualities that sustain well-being and mental health and let go of unhealthy defenses that are being held in the mind and body. Above all, these modules will help you become closer to yourself and see yourself in an honest light, creating space for freedom and joyful living.

The advanced mindfulness Meditation modules are conducted one at a time. Each module is 4-6 weeks long. Just like the 8 week mindfulness meditation course, each module requires attendance in a webinar once in a week and contemplation of concepts and regular practice during the week. Guided meditations, contemplation prompts, practical application exercises and concept explanations are all provided to work through during the week. Usually each week has one theme of focus and practicing on the specific theme throughout the week and discussing challenges during the webinars helps to get deep insight and create real shifts in the mind and body.

Your stress and anxiety will definitely reduce and you will definitely feel happier but it will take some time. You will need to practice patiently. The concepts and practices shared in these courses have origins that date back to thousands of years and are still established as very effective by neuroscience studies done recently. They are life changing concepts and practices. However, they require a shift in the way we think, feel and relate to ourselves and our lives. And while there is no doubt that regular practice and an attempt to understand these concepts will result in shifts, they will take time. Our habitual patterns of anxiety and stress are sticky, our system has become neurally wired to be stressed and anxious and to find nothing to be happy about. Our work through these courses will start the process of neural rewiring. To allow this rewiring to happen we will need to be kind and patient with ourselves.

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