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Our Corporate Mindfulness Programs

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Corporate Training Workshop

This is an introductory workshop on mindfulness specially designed for the entire team in corporate organizations. This corporate training workshop focuses on the addressing the key emotional challenges experienced by the employees such as work-related stress, dealing with difficult people, work life balance, job insecurities, peer pressure, and handling failure through the practice of mindfulness

The objective of this mindfulness training workshop is to:

  1. Make participants aware of their own thinking and habit patterns through mindfulness practice
  2. Share psychology & neuroscience based mind-body regulation techniques to help them manage their thinking and especially overthinking tendencies better
  3. Offer first hand experience of a simple, live guided meditation which they can easily integrate into their daily routine.

Features of this corporate training workshop:

  1. Practical mindfulness tips & exercises which can be implemented in our day-to-day life 
  2. Psychological insights about the underlying nature of difficulties
  3. Experience of silence and live guided meditations to create awareness of the inner workings of the mind
  4. Provision of meditation recordings for future use
  5. Q&A session for doubts related to psychology & mindfulness meditation

Emotional Resilience Program: An Immersive Corporate Mindfulness Program for Psychological Well Being

Emotional Resilience is a skill much needed in the corporate environment. Emotionally resilient people are able to keep their composure in challenging situations, skillfully handle difficult people and situations and express their ideas freely without fear of rejection. They are able to bounce back from change and difficult times. Fortunately, it is a skill that can be learnt through the development of inner awareness and is the main focus of this corporate mindfulness program.

In order to build emotional resilience in the corporate environment, we have customized this program in a way that it can be taken over 3 to 8 weeks according to the needs of the organization. This program draws heavily on brain science, neuropsychology, yoga philosophy and mindfulness meditation practices, making it a potent blend of best practices from eastern and western schools of mind. 

Features of the Emotional Resilience Program:

  1. It is a practical and experiential program with weekly webinars with the facilitator
  2. Concept videos to watch during the week and guided meditation audios are part of the course work.
  3. Weekly mindfulness practices like mindful eating are woven into the program to make it applicable
  4. Simple body regulation practices are part of the weekly process
  5. Doubts are addressed in weekly webinars with the participants
  6. Live guided meditations are a part of the weekly webinars with the main facilitator.

Corporate Meditation

Corporate mindfulness retreats is a great way to help the team get a refreshing and resetting pause. These retreats are normally 1-3 days according to the needs of the organization.

Features of the Corporate Meditation Retreat:

  1. Time away from work in a natural and silent space to allow for a sense of being refreshed
  2. Silent times to achieve a mind reset
  3. Mindful walking and movement meditations
  4. Mindful eating and silent meals or teas.
  5. Contemplation time and space to learn from the mindfulness concepts and practices that are shared in the retreat.
  6. Space to address personal doubts about and challenges with meditation practice in real time

Mindfulness Training for

Mindful leaders are skillful in understanding and managing their overwhelming emotions, keeping calm during high stake situations, and objectively assessing their teams and their own strengths and weaknesses. These qualities lead to wise and objective business decisions which are helpful for long-term growth. Research demonstrates three meta capacities in leaders that are crucial to successful leadership. These are meta cognition, allowing and curiosity. Mindfulness helps in developing these three meta capacities.

Keeping the needs of today’s leadership in mind, we have developed special training strategies focusing on development of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, increasing focus, reducing reactivity and cultivating compassion. This program has been created especially for current leadership considering their busy schedules and high stress situations that they face every day. Based on the requirements of the organization, we customize the mindfulness meditation training for the top management teams which can be between 3 to 8 weeks long requiring weekly attendance in online webinars.

A meditation retreat can be added to the beginning or end of this training and is optional.

Features of Mindfulness Training for Leadership:

  1. Awareness of personal patterns that influences organizational decisions
  2. Focus on being present and paying attention
  3. Importance of being authentic and leading from the inside out
  4. Developing compassion for oneself and ones team
  5. Emotionally intelligent decision making
  6. Regular mindfulness and meditation practice through live guided meditations and shared audio meditations
  7. Mindfulness-in-action practices to follow through the week making mindfulness a lived experience.

A Glimpse of our Mindfulness Trainings for Corporates

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Here Is What Clients of Our Mindfulness Trainings Say

The Key Features of our Mindfulness Programs

mindfulness trainings
  • Our mindfulness training for corporates consists of a combination of best practices and concepts from the fields of psychotherapy, mindfulness and Indian philosophy.
  • It is customized to your organization’s needs in terms of depth, time, duration and group type and size.
  • It is conducted online, in office premises and at outside locations in the form of retreats or intensives.
  • The practical training is supplemented by mindfulness tools provided post training that ensure long term benefits.

Our Mindfulness Training Tools

  • Webinars/In-person sessions
  • Live guided meditation
  • Pre recorded videos on concepts and practices ( part of longer courses)
  • Guided audio meditations
  • Reading Materials- eBook, support content and other resources
  • FAQs
mindfulness at work
Sadia Saeed

About the Program Director


As a psychologist, I am convinced that transformation of any external environment needs the transformation of one’s internal environment. It is impossible to perform well at work, and especially maintain that performance, if there is unhappiness, distraction, demotivation and a feeling of ill health within. Unfortunately with increasing levels of stress this is all too common in the employees at present. Mindfulness is a practice that above all brings an individuals attention to the current inner environment. With its focus on being present, it helps people recognize and address their deep seated needs but also teaches them to be centred within themselves. This is of paramount importance for any individual’s wellbeing and it translates into a healthier work enviroment. Our mindfulness training for corporates is fundamentally geared to bring this inner harmony within an individual and to help the organization to create a mindful workplace, which is compassionate and emotionally open and at the same time resilient, through engagement with longer corporate mindfulness programs.

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Our vision is to take mindfulness to a larger population by training the members of Non-profits who can further train their communities. Our core approach to mental health and wellness is completely adaptable and customizable to the emerging needs of your group or organization.


Mindfulness Meditation Retreats are a great way to turn inwards through silence and contemplation practices. It presents you with the opportunity to not only learn but also deepen your meditation practice. We provide online as well as offline retreats.


This is a comprehensive course designed to help you work with difficult thoughts, emotions and unhealthy relationships all the while moving towards a more joyfulness and happiness.

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