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online premarital counseling

Premarital Counseling

The decision to get married can be daunting and stressful for you and your partner. 

We can offer you the support you need to lead a fulfilling and happy married life through our Online Premarital Counseling Services.




Online Premarital Counseling:
Building A Strong Foundation For Your Marriage

Premarital Counseling is a process that can help you and your partner strengthen your relationship prior to getting married.

We at Inner Space understand that the foundation of a great marriage lies in how the partners interact, understand, and support each other. Therefore, we conduct our therapy online in joint and individual Counseling sessions. This will help you explore your partner’s and your expectations from marriage and the relationship.

Our trained counselors help you identify any current or possible areas of conflict and will work collaboratively with you to resolve them.

Some Difficulties Faced by Couples Preparing For Marriage

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Poor communication may be indicated by difficulties expressing your needs, handling conflicts, and pronounced differences in your communication styles. When you experience problems in this area, you may feel distant from your partner and as though they are unable to understand you.

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Difficulty Managing

Being in a relationship where there are differences of opinion is normal and healthy. However, having frequent arguments that are critical and abusive, or going completely silent after arguments and leaving issues unresolved, can seriously harm a relationship.

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Differing Goals and Expectations

This entails approaching or having a different perspective from your partner on certain aspects of life. Conflicts may arise in the future if there are differing values, beliefs, expectations, and goals regarding marriage, careers, domestic duties, finances, and ambitions.

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Past Relationship

Carrying certain trauma from previous relationships, such as the death of the ex-partner, infidelity, betrayal, or abandonment, could negatively impact your current relationship. Sometimes, there can be insecurity or feelings of mistrust from their last relationship. This can cause distress and difficulty in developing a warm, safe relationship with your partner.

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Concerns About
Intimacy and Sexuality

This entails finding it difficult to express your sexual preferences, needs, and intimacy-related boundaries. Traumatic sexual experiences in the past can make it difficult to be intimate with your current partner. Conflicts can arise as a result of difficulty expressing and conversing about intimacy.

How Does Online Premarital Counseling Work?

Online Premarital counseling is conducted over the clients’ preferred online medium, such as video conferencing services, or phone call. Irrespective of the medium, Premarital counseling therapists ensure your safety and privacy while you use these services.

Flexibility in timings

Easy access to more therapists and services

Ensured safety, confidentiality, and quality of services

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Contact Us For Online Couples Counseling

Online Premarital Counseling can be a great opportunity for you to work towards creating a supportive, healthy, and loving relationship.

We are here for you.

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Benefits Of Opting For Premarital Counseling

Our trained premarital counselors help you resolve conflicts using healthy communication, and by addressing each other’s needs and emotions to create a stronger bond between partners. 

Premarital counseling can help you and your partner identify and work on your differences in family histories, managing conflict, intimacy, and emotions by preventing them from becoming potential points of conflict.

Premarital therapy can help you plan a shared vision for your relationship and minimize potential disagreements. We use Psychometric tests and assessments to look into various aspects of the relationship to improve the services we provide.

Understanding and learning more about your partner can help you appreciate and value each other and your relationship.

How We Can Help You Find The Right Counselor

Like finding a perfect partner, the search for the right counselor can be a tedious task.

Our therapists at Inner Space have a Postgraduate Degree in Clinical or Counseling Psychology. They are qualified to help you and your partner identify any differences or areas of conflict. By using explorative and compassion-centered strategies, we work towards building more connection and understanding between partners.

At Inner Space, our process begins with understanding your difficulty briefly and matching you with the therapist on the basis of the challenges or concerns that they can help you with. So, a couple with relationship difficulties will be matched with a therapist who is trained in this area. 

How To Book An Online Premarital Counseling Session
With Inner Space

How Online Counseling & Therapy Work

"What Our Clients Say About Our Online Counseling Services"

FAQs for Online Counseling and Therapy

The defining difference between online premarital counseling versus traditional counseling is the mode of conducting therapy. 

Online therapy has sessions in an online format using video conferencing services, call, or chat. Online counseling is more flexible and offers more privacy than the standard, in-person therapy. However, online counseling would require you to have a stable internet connection and a private space to attend sessions.

Absolutely. Premarital counseling can be as effective as in-person counseling as the online mode offers the same counseling services as an offline one, under a trained Counselor. Therefore, you can definitely trust and go ahead with online premarital counseling services. 

Inner Space has been offering online counseling services for several years, with positive therapeutic outcomes. Therefore, we assure you that our online counseling services can offer you the right kind of help.

Some of the common issues couples address though our online premarital counseling services are: 

  • Expectations and views on Marriage
  • Intimacy and Sex
  • Communication Styles
  • Conflict resolution
  • Financial planning
  • Family Dynamics and Planning 
  • Figuring out roles and responsibilities of each partner

The number of premarital counseling sessions for each couple is dependent on the needs and goals of each couple, the counselor’s theoretical approach, and the form of therapy they choose. Therefore, the number of sessions average anywhere between 6-12 sessions, and is usually an hour long. There may be more sessions if there is some additional exploration involved. 

Premarital counseling can be a valuable asset to improve the quality of your relationship and married life. It helps in reducing possible conflicts, setting shared expectations and goals, and deepening the bond between the partners. Therefore, premarital counseling can be a valuable tool for partners who are considering or pursuing marriage.

Premarital counseling can be an extremely helpful tool to enhance your relationship and marriage, regardless of whether you are having an arranged or love marriage. Thus, premarital counseling is open to everyone wishing to improve their relationship. 

There is no “right” time to start premarital counseling. However, couples can consider premarital therapy if they:

  • Are undergoing conflicts in the relationship
  • Are trying to learn more about each others’ patterns and improve their relationship 
  • Recently got engaged or are getting married soon

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