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Child Counseling

Online Child Counseling

Child Counseling

Our Child Counseling Services aim at providing your young ones with an environment where they can explore their difficulties through age-appropriate and holistic approaches.

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Online Child Counseling: Supporting Your Child’s Well-being

Childhood is an important aspect in every individual’s life. Often, the root of many difficulties one faces in their adult life, lies within their childhood. Therefore, intervening and working through concerns at a young age can help towards creating a more free and peaceful future.

Child counseling, as the name suggests, focuses on improving the mental well-being of the child who may be going through adjustment difficulties, having anxiety and depression symptoms, or troubles in school or home.

Therapy for Children can help them understand their challenges and create a safe space where they can share their emotions and concerns. This helps them to feel more happy and can support their well-being.

Some Challenges Faced By Children

Children often face some challenges that can impact their emotional and mental health. Here we have highlighted some of them: 

Online Child Counseling for stress and anxiety

Anxiety & Stress

Children may be stressed or anxious due to a number of reasons. This could be due to difficulties in the family, school, academics, or other factors.

Online Child Counseling for depression


Depression can also occur in children. If the child is withdrawn, isolated, and shows a lack of interest in doing their usual activities, it could be an indication of depression. 

Online Child Counseling for behavioural difficulties

Behavioural Difficulties

Behavioural concerns entail anger, aggression, violent behaviour and misdemeanor, defiance, or any other difficulties that require attention

Online Child Counseling for trauma


Experiencing or witnessing a traumatic event, or parental abuse or neglect can hamper the mental health of a child.

Online Child Counseling for social interactions

Social Interactions

Having strained and difficult social relationships, like isolation, having difficulty making friends, bullying others, or being a bully, can affect the child’s well-being.

Online Child Counseling for family difficulties

Family Difficulties

Conflicts such as divorce, separation, remarriage or parents can be a challenging period for the child. 

How Does Online Child Counseling Work?

In Child Counseling, the therapist builds a relationship of trust with the child, which is essential. This allows the child to express themselves freely. This in turn helps them become aware and understand their inner self. 

At Inner Space, the child can interact with a Professional Counselor, in a safe space where they feel comfortable and understood, and making it easier for them to benefit from counseling. 

The therapist utilizes creative methods in delivering the intervention. Playing games, creating make-believe scenarios, colouring and storytelling are a few ways we build a friendly, fun, and safe environment for the child to explore their feelings and communicate with the counselor. 

Online Child Counseling is conducted over the your preferred online medium, such as video conferencing services, or phone call. Irrespective of the medium, therapists ensure your safety and privacy while you use these services.

Flexibility in timings

Easy access to more therapists and services

Ensured safety, confidentiality, and quality of services

contact us for online child counseling

Contact Us For Online Child Counseling

Online Counseling for Children can be a great opportunity for your child to have a happy and peaceful childhood.

We are here for you.

Benefits Of Child Counseling

benefits for online child counseling

1. Enables Self Expression
The objective here is to help children fully express their needs, worries and anxieties.

Puppets, games, colors, make-believe play and story-telling sessions help us build rapport and understand the inner world of children and teens. This helps us understand important aspects about children and teens such as self-esteem, how loved they feel and how they relate to people around them.

2. It helps understand the roots of certain behavior
On the basis of the above, we identify the roots of the problem behaviors. In most cases, the roots lie in unfulfilled emotional needs.

This manifests in behaviors ranging from aggression to social isolation and depression, as children and teens do not often have enough resources at their disposal to understand how to deal with negative emotions. The family environment and parent-child relationships are also often conflicted, leading to further emotional pile up in the child.

Recognizing these underlying needs is a core step of child and adolescent counseling and helps a great deal in remedying behavioral difficulties.

3. Can Enable Behavioural Change
In this phase of therapy, we help children and adolescents satisfy their needs in productive ways. Enhancing self-esteem is almost always a core aim here, along with instilling feelings of emotional security. We also work on their social skills in order to help them deal better with their environment.

4. Helps the child learn helpful Coping Strategies
Therapy can help the child learn coping strategies to manage difficult, stressful situations. This can improve the child’s ability to handle and respond to life’s challenges.

5. Improve Communication Skills
One of the main aspects of therapy is sharing and talking about your issues. Similarly, Child Counseling can be a great outlet for children to talk about uncomfortable or difficult challenges they may be facing. Sharing and talking about feelings is not easy. But the practice of communicating about your concerns to a trusted, non-judgmental person like a therapist can enhance these skills.

Many children today face several stressors at home, school or with peers. At a time when their minds are growing and they are forming impressions of how the world is, it is very important to work on such stressors in order to prevent the formation of long-standing emotional and behavioral difficulties.

How We Can Help You Find The Right Counselor
For Child Counseling

Our therapists are all trained psychologists qualified in helping people work through their difficulties. We work with individuals across different populations. We use an eclectic range of psychotherapies from solution oriented to insight oriented to holistic meditative approaches, depending on the need and comfort of the clients.

How To Book An Online Child Counseling Session With Inner Space

How Online Counseling & Therapy Work

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Are You Worried About Your Child's Well-Being?

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FAQs for Child Counseling and Therapy

If you notice any shifts or changes in the child that are affecting their daily functioning and well-being, it may be an indication to opt for counseling. Counseling can be an effective tool in providing the space for your child to open up, express, and feel safe in processing any emotions. 

Counseling may be a huge, but daunting, step for any child. Therefore, we suggest you to always provide assurance and clarity to the child about the process. Explaining why they are going in for counseling and the duration of it can help the child understand the need for it. We also recommend addressing and answering any questions they may have about counseling. These factors can help the child create a more positive attitude towards counseling. 

Child Counseling can be suitable for a wide range of ages, starting from 3-4 years to 10-12 years of age. Child counselors are equipped to handle concerns of children from all ages. However, online child counseling is most effective for children over 8 years of age.

Child Counseling usually entails building a rapport between the therapist and the child. The therapist creates an environment where the child can feel safe to communicate and express their concerns. Therapy for the emotional and behavioural concerns are provided through a variety of techniques including play therapy, art therapy, and other modalities that are suitable for children. 

We recommend communicating with the therapist to see how long your child may require therapy, as it varies from child to child. However, it may take at least 8-10 sessions to notice any significant shift or change.  

Child Counseling Session

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