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The Wisdom Circle: A Community For Those Interested In Self Awareness

Wisdom Circle Meditation

The Wisdom Circle

Be a part of a community interested in self-awareness, mindfulness, meditation and wisdom practices. Share your journey, learn from others, meditate together and be supported in your wellness journey by like-minded people.

Details Of The Next Wisdom Circle Meeting​


Wednesday, 27th March 2024


7:00 pm to 8:00 pm IST


Online via Zoom


Getting In Touch With The ‘No Mind’ State


Free of charge. However, prior registration is mandatory.

Getting In Touch With The 'No Mind' State

The no mind state is the true but elusive state of our mind. In this wisdom circle, through meditation and guiding our awareness in a specific way, we will try to get in touch with this state of no mind and understand what calm abiding or shamatha means in meditation practice.

What Is The Wisdom Circle About?

While the journey of self-awareness can be a greatly rewarding and fulfilling one, one often needs the guidance of mentors and the support of fellow travellers. The Wisdom Circle is created with a vision to provide you with such support and ensure that your awareness deepens and practice strengthens. It is a safe space to share your journey, learn from the insights and doubts of others, renew your practice when you need motivation and meditate together.

What To Expect From A Wisdom Circle Meeting?

The idea of the wisdom circle is to focus on lived wisdom. The emphasis is on the practical and experiential aspects of self-awareness teachings that will lend more enrichment and meaning to life.

The wisdom circle meetings will have multiple formats, some oriented to deepening concepts, some focused on strengthening practice, yet others focused on discussions and sharing.

The different kind of formats will ensure all round learning and growth.

People who have attended previous courses with us, have meditated elsewhere or want to start a new practice are all welcome to be a part of this community. The teachings that will be discussed have a self-awareness orientation and include Mindfulness Meditation, other kinds of meditations, concepts and principles belonging to Indian/Eastern philosophical traditions like the Buddhist schools of thought, Advaita and Patanjali yoga traditions, practices from the fields of Psychology, Neuroscience and Western philosophical concepts.

The main aim is to use the understanding provided by different traditions to find one's own truth within and live an authentic and aware life.

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Meet Our Facilitator

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Sadia Saeed, Chief Psychologist & Mindfulness Trainer

Sadia Saeed is the Founder and Chief psychologist of Inner Space.

In her 23 years of practice as a clinical psychologist she has extensively worked with various individuals and organizations helping them incorporate mindfulness and awareness practices in order to aid emotional resilience, personal growth and mental health. Her expertise is in blending the eastern and western approaches- integrating the study of Buddhist Suttas and yogic practices with neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and principles of somatic healing to present mindfulness in a way that is applicable to challenges of the present day.

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