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Trainings For Non Profit Organizations

Trainings For Non Profit Organizations

Emotional Resilience Training for Non-Profits

The key to good mental health is the ability to be emotionally resilient in the face of stressful changes. At Inner Space, we recognize this, and our trainings and wellness offerings are designed to build emotional resilience, experientially, through an understanding of mindfulness concepts and application of it’s practices.

Our vision is to take mindfulness to a larger population by training the members of Non-profits who can further train their communities.

Our core approach to mental health and wellness is completely adaptable and customizable to the emerging needs of your group or organization. We deliver our programs online and in an onsite/ offsite setup. (Only Online During the COVID pandemic)

Building Emotional Resilience

Resilience is a long-term goal that is achieved, when a person develops self-awareness and possesses tools to manage change and stress.

A resilient person is one who is able to face personal and professional environments, which come with their own unique de-stabilizing factors, without losing stability and bouncing back to being functional in lesser time.

Self-awareness is that most important faculty which develops resilience in our minds.

NGOs We Have Trained In Building Emotional Resilience

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Our Approach to Non-Profit Training

Phase I: Sensitizing the organization

In Phase I, the aim is to sensitize the entire organization by conducting global emotional resilience and emotional well-being sessions in order to support a culture of resilience in the system.

Phase II: Training of Trainers (TOT)

In Phase II, a champion team is selected with the help of the organization. The team is especially curated to identify people who connected with the learnings from phase I. In Phase II the team of trainers is provided with deeper self-awareness and mindfulness trainings to make emotional resilience an experiential aspect of their own lives.

Phase III: Training Trainers for Outreach

In Phase III, trainers who have attended phase II are further trained to deliver basic emotional resilience and wellness modules to the community they are working with. This is the final piece of the training. Additional modules in basic support skills and counseling skills can additionally be added to this phase.

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