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Our Founder

Sadia Saeed

Sadia Saeed

Founder, Chief Psychologist & Mindfulness Trainer

I have had a private practice as a clinical psychologist in Mumbai, since the past 22 years. In my years of counselling practice, I have seen several people pass through phases of distress to phases of ease. People who have been in psychotherapy with me have been from different walks of life, with different belief systems and their own unique difficulties. However there is one thing I see as constant amongst all of them: their ability to deal with their problems-their ability to grow and be happier, irrespective of the nature or intensity of their problems.

This knowledge gives me belief and confidence, both in myself and in those who come to me with difficulties.

Our Valuable Team Of Psychologists

online therapist - Gitali

Gitali Chatterji

Counselor and Psychologist

Gitali works with adult clients and couples at Inner Space. She finds being a part of an individual’s transformational journey amd helping them to address their life difficulties, the most satisfying aspects of being a psychologist.

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online therapist - Shubhra

Shubhra B Sarvaiya

Counselor and Psychologist

Shubhra works with adults, young adults and children at Inner Space. She believes that therapy is a space for a person’s holistic wellness and growth. She works to provide a non-judgemental and compassionate environment where people can feel safe while they work through their difficulties.

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online therapist - Firdaus

Firdaus Moraes

Counselor and Psychologist

Firdaus works with young adults and adults at Inner Space. As a counsellor, her motive is to create a safe, comfortable, and healing space for her clients where they aren’t afraid to introspect and explore the depths of their being.

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counsellor psychologist - Parvathi Ganesan

Parvathi Ganesan

Counselor and Psychologist

Parvathi works with adult and young adult populations at Inner Space. She firmly believes that healing is a continuous process, and feels that everyone has the capacity to heal and grow from their experiences.

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Sanjeev Choithani

Counselor and Psychologist

Sanjeev works with adults and couples at Inner Space. He worked in the corporate world for several years before opting out of it to pursue psychology and counseling.

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Dhanishta Shah

Counselor and Psychologist

Dhanishta works with clients to provide a safe space to explore emotions, gain insight and develop coping strategies. She works with adolescents, adults and seniors and helps them address and navigate various life challenges. 

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Arya Vyas

Counselor and Psychologist

As a trained psychologist and a therapeutic play practitioner, Arya works with children, adolescents and young adults at Inner Space. With an aim to promote holistic development and growth, Arya creates a safe and non-judgmental space where children can work through their difficulties.

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Our Advisory Board

Ram Mantravadi


As partner at Inner Space, Ram Mantravadi’s role is advisory – helping build new services for mindful organizations, implementing technology initiatives and overall guiding Inner Space towards its objectives. His background is largely in corporate – having worked in various organizations for many years in both India and abroad. 

Ram Mantravadi

Our Dedicated Admin Team

Saleel Pednekar

Saleel Pednekar


Saleel has studied M.Sc. in Physics and Diploma in Fashion Photography.

For him, all the pieces of his professional experience have fallen into the right place while working for Inner Space. Here he is able to make use of his skills of video content creation for shooting & editing the videos. He is also able to learn and implement new skills such as social media branding and business development.

All he wants is to be part of Sadia’s vision of offering knowledge and techniques of living an emotionally balanced & joyful life, to as many people as possible.


Sakshi Verma

Sakshi Verma

Digital Communication Executive

Sakshi has done her Bachelor’s degree in Mass Media, Master’s degree in Applied Psychology, and Post Graduate Diploma in Counseling Psychology (ongoing). Currently, she works at the intersection of both Media & Psychology.

She has been a part of Inner Space for the past 5 years, overseeing digital communication and website designing (partly content too).

Sakshi believes that every individual deserves to experience joy and peace in their life, and prioritising our mental health can act as a strong foundation for this. Her aim is to make quality mental health care accessible to all. With this vision, she uses her digital media skills to reach to the masses and her counseling skills to help individuals with self-exploration through therapy.

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