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Advanced Mindfulness Meditation Course: Module 2 Deepening Concentration

Practice focused module to help you increase concentration by providing extra support to your meditation practice

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About the Meditation Concentration Module

Deepening Concentration is Module 2 of the Advanced Mindfulness Meditation Course. It is a practice focused module to help you increase concentration by providing extra support to your meditation practice.

Having gone through the 8-Week Mindfulness Meditation Course, you are already convinced about the need of a regular meditation practice. However, this is not easy given that very often the mind stays distracted and body stays dysregulated just as a result of going through a fast paced and, stimulation-intense life.

Both these tendencies of the mind and body can be helped through certain support practices sharing which is the purpose of this module.

Also, the module focuses on deepening awareness which is necessary to get closer to our true nature. Concentration is a very important aspect of developing awareness. Human beings exist in a continuum of gross to subtle layers. The gross layers are relatively easy to become aware of. However, the subtle layers of energy, mind, wisdom and joy come to awareness only when attention is refined and focused and concentration is deep.

In order to arrive at such concentration, one needs to learn to regulate the body and energy all the while working kindly with the mind. This module tries to create a helpful path of practice that addresses ease of body, regulation of the breath and subtle energy adjustments that can lead to a more focused meditation.

Module 2 Deepening Concentration Meditation Details

Date & Timings

7th April to 5th May 2024 | 4 Week Course | 10:30 am to 12:30 pm IST


  • INR 7,500/- (Inclusive Of 18% GST) OR 110 USD Per Person (new participants) 
  • INR 6500 (Inclusive Of 18% GST) OR 100 USD Per Person (repeat participants) 


Live Online Classes (Recordings Of Webinars Available for Those who Can’t Attend it Live)
Weekly theory videos, Support
content videos, informal practices and online reading material.

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Inspiration for the Deepening Concentration Meditation Module

This module draws inspiration from two spiritual traditions:

The Buddha's Noble Eightfold Path

The Buddha spoke of three trainings of the Noble Eightfold Path. Namely Shila, Samadhi and Panya/Pragya. This module draws on the Samadhi aspect. The Shila aspect has been covered in a separate module, i.e Qualities for Well-being Module.

The Yogasutra's of Patanjali

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali Speak of the ashtanga path or the path of eight limbs where Maharishi Patanjali has traced a seeker’s journey from establishing important qualities (yama/niyamas) to realizing one’s true nature (Samadhi). This module draws on limbs 3 through 6 i.e. the limbs of asana, pranayama, Pratyahara and Dharana.

What To Expect From The Concentration Meditation Module


Prana or the Energy aspect and its crucial role in mind body regulation

The subtle layers of mind body complex

The threefold training of the noble eightfold path

Meditation through the lens of Ashtanga yoga by Maharishi Patanjali


Support practices to improve regulation in the body

Preparing and steadying the breath

Deepening Relaxation

Increasing meditation time to help deepen awareness and increase nervous system regulation

Increasing concentration by using one pointed focus

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Meditation Made Simple: Start Your Practice

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How Long Is The Concentration Meditation Module?

This module will be facilitated across four weeks. Each week will add some supportive practices to your meditation. These practices will build over weeks until you have a final practice plan by the 4th week.The next week will further add practices or refine the existing one. By the end of the four weeks there will be a clear meditation practice path that includes all aspects of regulating the breath, body and nervous system which will bring calmness and concentration to the mind. 

About the Facilitator

Sadia Saeed is the founder and chief psychologist of Inner Space. In her 23 years of practice as a clinical psychologist she has extensively worked with various individuals and organizations helping incorporate mindfulness practices in order to aid emotional resilience, personal growth and mental health. Her expertise is in blending the eastern and western approaches- integrating the study of Buddhist Suttas and yogic practices with neuroscience, evolutionary psychology and principles of somatic healing to present mindfulness and meditation in a way that is applicable to challenges of the present day.

Mindfulness Trainer-Sadia

Therapist & Mindfulness Trainer

Sadia Saeed is a clinical psychologist, somatic therapist and a mindfulness meditation trainer with over 23 years of experience.

A Tedx Speaker - Sadia

A Tedx Speaker

As a speaker at a Tedx conference, she spoke on how mindfulness of emotions can help stay calm even in the midst of emotional overwhelm and chaos.

Guide for Tweens & Teens

An Author

She has written a book for teens and tweens which a guide to understanding and starting meditation and awareness practices early in life.

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World Kindness Day

Metta: The Practice Of Compassion

The 13th of November this year is being celebrated as World Kindness Day. I have been fortunate to be a part of the discussions for the events planned on this day. This video of a mindfulness and compassion practice embedded below is my contribution to the event. I find mindfulness and kindness inseparable as concepts. One of the core pillars that supports the practice of mindfulness is compassion which is the highest form of kindness.

Benefits of Mindfulness

The Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness helps you connect with a direct experience in the here and now. Research shows that benefits of mindfulness involve healing stress, addiction, pain, anxiety and several other afflictions. It opens people towards being receptive to self compassion, joy, love, positivity and can nurture the brain to be stronger and healthier.

Benefits of Mindfulness
Neuroscience Behind Mindfulness

The Neuroscience Behind Mindfulness

Mindfulness as a practice for well-being and as a way of connecting to one’s true nature has not really been at the mercy of science. It is a practice that has in many ways been taught across eastern philosophical traditions for thousands of years.

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