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parental counseling

Parental Counseling

Have you been feeling stressed and exhausted as a parent? Or, are you a new parent who is feeling anxious about whether you will be a good parent to your child?

Parental Counseling can be a great option for you to help yourself feel happier and better and create a happy, supportive, and positive environment for your children.




What is Parental Counseling?

Parental Counseling, or Parental Therapy, is a type of counseling designed to help parents navigate through the challenges and complexities of raising children. Being responsible for raising your children right, managing their education, being present for them, all the while maintaining a stable and happy home make parenting a challenge for many parents.

Parenting is also a skill, which means there is always an opportunity to become better at it. And, to learn a skill, you seek the help of a professional. This is where a parental counselor can help you. Through these numerous challenges, parental counselors provide unbiased support, offering knowledge and skills to address parenting concerns. These professionals create a judgment-free space for you to share issues and receive guidance on improving your parenting approach.

It’s true, eating disorders can bring with it a lot of difficult emotions, like shame and guilt. However, a therapist trained in treating eating disorders can support and create space for these challenging emotions within you in a safe, non-judgmental, and compassionate environment.

Signs That You May Require Parental Counseling

If you are a parent who is confused on whether to take up counseling, you can watch out for the following signs to know when to consider parental counseling.

  • Feeling overwhelmed, anxious, low, and burnt out due to parenting
  • Struggling to balance your needs with your child’s
  • Feeling confused on how to communicate with your children, or better understand your child with special needs and behavioural issues
  • Struggling with family transitions 
  • Feeling anxious about becoming a parent

If you’re feeling stuck or helpless as a parent, remember that no one finds parenting “easy.” It’s a lifelong process of learning and unlearning. Therefore, there is no parent who has it all figured out.

Constantly comparing yourself to other parents who are seemingly perfect is unhelpful. All parents have their moments of exhaustion, frustration, and self-doubt. Thus, when you are on this journey, a little help can go a long way.

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What Are The Benefits Of Parental Counseling?

Here are some ways parenting counseling can help you:

  • Learn new ways to bond and communicate with your child
  • Gain better understanding of your child’s behaviour
  • Feel less anxiety, stress, and guilt around parenting
  • Create a positive impact on your child’s emotional development and well-being
  • Bring back togetherness and peace in the family
  • Learn effective parenting strategies by unlearning faulty parenting styles

Common Parenting Challenges

Parenting can feel like an endless battle, like dealing with a wide generation gap, or the disappointment that comes with letting go of your hobbies and interests to take care of your children. Parents encounter multiple challenges along the way. Here are a few other reasons why being a parent can be challenging:

  • Communication Issues: One of the major challenges that come with parenting is communication issues. This can look like being unable to understand or relate with your children due to a wide age gap, or feeling helpless trying to handle your teenage child not opening up about how they are feeling. Communication gaps can make you feel like there is a wall between you and your child. It can also make way for misunderstandings and conflict. 
  • Behavioral Issues In Children: Handling behavioural issues in children like aggression, anger, temper tantrums, teenage rebellion, or emotional witdrawal can be challenging for you to handle as a parent. It can be confusing for you to know whether to become a strict parent, or find ways to discipline or connect with your child. It can, thus, be immensely stressful to parent in such situations. 
  • Managing Conflicts Between Siblings: If you are a parent with more than one child, it can be challenging to manage the conflict and rivalry between siblings. This can look like a sense of unhealthy competition between siblings, arguments and fights for things and your attention. Your child may also show resentment towards you as they feel you are favouring the other sibling. These issues can create a hostile, tense family environment and make it difficult for you to ease the tension.
  • Handling Family Transitions: Parenting in the midst of family transitions like a separation, divorce, or remarriage can be particularly difficult. You may find it tough to make your child feel more adjusted to the new family environment. Often, during such transitions, children can feel emotionally overwhelmed and confused, causing conflicts and tension within the family. 
  • Juggling Between Family and Work Life: Shuttling between work and parenting responsibilities can be quite stress-inducing. You may feel guilty for missing important family events due to your work commitments. Conversely, you may also feel like you are being held back from your career due to your role as a parent. Thus, the struggle to find the right balance between work and family can lead to overwhelm and, ultimately, burnout. 
  • Issues With Parenting Style: Parenting style is the unique approach you have towards parenting your child. Having inconsistent, uninvolved parenting styles between parents can lead to the child receiving mixed signals on how to behave, resulting in indiscipline. Inconsistencies in such situations can look like- one parent being more lenient than the other, and children trusting and being closer to one parent over the other. Other issues from negative parenting approaches can arise from having extremely strict, discipline and fear-based, authoritarian forms of parenting, which can lead to a deep disconnection between the parent and child. Faulty parenting styles can create an imbalance within the family dynamic, and worsen parent-child relationship.
  • Taking Care of A Child With Special Needs or Learning Disabilities: Being a parent to child with special needs can come with its own set of challenges. Like, parenting a child who has hyperactivity due to ADHD, or communicating with a non-verbal child, or balancing the needs of the special needs child and the other siblings. Navigating through these unique challenges can be an isolating and stressful experience.

How Does Parent Counseling Work?

Parent Counseling can be a great option for you to look inward and work on your concerns with parenting. It offers a safe space to vent, address, and resolve your struggles with parenting. Therapists can provide you with a patient, supportive presence to navigate the complexities of parenting.


The Parental Counseling Process involves:

  • Finding the right parental counselor who can help you with your needs and concerns
  • Setting goals and creating a plan of action on how to address your concerns
  • Attending individual and/or family counseling sessions 
  • Learn practical, effective tools and strategies for parenting 
  • Find a space space to vent and share about your challenges

Navigating through the difficulties of parenting is no easy task. And seeking counseling for support is a brave step towards making a positive change. Through counseling, you learn to slow down, ease into, and enjoy the process of parenting. Seeking help for becoming a better parent is not a sign of weakness. Instead, it is a sign of your commitment towards creating a better future for your children. 

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