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We have curated all our free resources under one head to make it easier for you to understand and navigate the realm of mental well-being.

Free E-Book

free resource - ebook

First Few Steps To Mindfulness is a compilation of spiritual knowledge and practices that will help you become more aware of your innate tendencies, emotions and behaviour.

Free Videos

free videos

Strengthen your mind body connection by understanding from an expert and learning techniques such as breathing, visualization and meditation. It helps to lower anxiety levels and improve heart health. 

Ask A

Ask a therapist - free resource

Ask A Therapist is a platform to ask your questions related to mental health, mindfulness & emotional well-being to our team of qualified therapists. Your questions will appear as anonymous and confidentiality will be maintained.

Free Trauma &
Emotional Overwhelm Exercises

Free Trauma & Emotional Overwhelm Exercises

Life is full of highs and lows. Dwelling in the lows can send us into a downward mental and physical spiral, learn about how experiencing trauma can affect our mental health and how to cope with such experiences.

Mindfulness Resources for Teens & Adults

In Person self compassion retreat

These are carefully curated resources that we find helpful in bringing mindfulness into our daily lives. These resources are specifically kept easy to read, understand and apply so that they can be applicable across age groups right from teenagers to adults.

Free Mental Health Starter Kit

Free mental health starter kit

With the help of this starter kit, access the resources within yourself to achieve tranquility and wellness. This is an informative outline that helps you become the best version of yourself. 

Free Resources for Pandemic

Free resources for Pandemic

With the resurgence of the pandemic, we may find ourselves trying to cope with a multitude of emotions ranging from anxiety, grief, sadness to helplessness and frustration. This is a compilation of various articles, guided meditations and informational videos created by Inner Space to help you navigate these challenging times.

Free Expert Articles

Read articles written by our experts in the field. Build and hone your knowledge and apply them to live a more fulfilling life.

Dealing with
Traumatic News

Free Article - Dealing with traumatic news

Dealing with traumatic news can be quite daunting. It can arouse a multitude of emotions and can make us feel helpless. Know more about healthy coping strategies of how to cope with traumatic news.


Free Mindfulness Resources Article

We have put together some mindful resources and meditation practices to help you cope with anxiety, heal emotionally and help you engage inculcate a mindful behaviour in everyday routine.  

Discipline your Kids with Compassion

Discipline your kids with compassion - free article

Do you often find yourself feeling agitated because your child doesn’t behave a certain way? Read this article on How To Discipline Your Child With Compassion to find answers to your queries. 

Why & How of Extra-Marital Affairs

Why & How of Extra Marital Affairs

In a study it was found out that 40% of 500 people who participated engaged in affairs outside of their marriage to seek emotional and physical comfort. Understand the main psychological reasons of why people cheat in relationships. 

Dealing with a Lack of Sexual Desire?

Dealing with a Lack of Sexual Desire?

Sex is one of the basic physiological needs of your body and yet some of us fail to express or feel it fully. This articles aims to help couples with sexual incompatibility. It talks about how you can address this issue and what changes you can make in your life to please yourself and your partner better. 

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Free Expert Articles

All free expert articles

View all our expert articles to gain insight, practice mindfulness exercises to live a more meaningful life and find solutions to your mental health related queries and problems. 

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