Online Counseling

Online counseling is a great way to get the professional help of a therapist to work on your difficulties, even when you physically cannot be present for a one-on-one counseling session.

Issues That Can be Dealt With via Online Counseling

Online Counseling can address a range of emotional and interpersonal issues, just like regular psychotherapy. Some of them are enlisted here to help you:

 Therapy with adults: This involves individual online sessions and can focus on difficulties such as depressionanxietysex-related concerns, psychosomatic disorders, eating disorders, body image issues, obsessive thoughts, excessive thinking and any other emotional, behavioural or interpersonal concern that you may have.

Premarital Counseling: The focus area here is specific issues, questions and anxieties you may have regarding marriage and the changes it entails. Knowing oneself and one’s partner better and having more aligned expectations can go a long way in setting the space for a loving relationship and reducing potential conflicts.

Therapy for Children:  Many children today face several stressors at home, school and with peers. Online counseling can help parents gain insight into the difficulties their child is facing and can equip them to work with the same. For a better idea, read our articles on parenting here. 

Perhaps you are a few hundred kilometers away or perhaps even a continent away, your distance does not stop you from choosing happier ways of thinking and living. We try and make the process of online counseling as smooth for you as possible.

Do you feel a sense of lack or dissatisfaction in life?

Sadia shares a mindful way to deal with this feeling of emptiness.

Marriage Counseling: The focus here is to address emotional/behavioural difficulties that may come up in one individual or both partners as a result of being in a marital relationship. The therapist will work with both partners in individual sessions and be a facilitator of the resolution process.

Sex Counseling: The focus area here is working with sexual difficulties that are arising due to psychological reasons. Since people do not easily speak of their sexual issues, online sex therapy can be a great way of getting perspective on your problem and addressing it healthily.

Therapy for Adolescents/Teens:  Adolescents especially take to online therapy very well, due to their familiarity with using the internet to exchange thoughts and feelings. Adolescence also is an age of turmoil where some empathy and help can be very powerful in realigning them with their life’s goals. The therapist may also involve parents in the discussion with the permission of the adolescent and can help allay parental anxieties that are at a peak during the child’s teenage years.

Do you feel stuck in certain patterns?

Mindfulness Meditation facilitates well-being and insight!

Guidelines to the Online Counseling Process

  • Call us at +91 9833985538 or write to us at, requesting an appointment.
  • You will soon receive an email from us outlining the sessions and fee structure and providing you the bank details.
  • You will need to wire the funds in advance through a banking transaction, depending on the number of sessions you wish to book.
  • Initially you may book only one consultation session, which will last upto an hour. During this session the therapist can obtain an overview of the area of concern and will then provide you with possible perspectives.
  • Both you and the therapist can then decide on the need for further sessions. During this session you can also assess your level of comfort with the therapist and how well the counseling is working for you.

58 thoughts on “Online Counseling”

  1. Hello,
    My name is Aditi, I have just taken up admission in Masters in Psychology(IGNOU). I have no Psychology background during my graduation years as I have completed my bachelor in science ( chemistry) I want to gain knowledge on the field of psychology as much as possible. For that I am looking for intership programs. Please let me know whether y’all offer intership programs, if yes then how to go about it.

    Thank you:)

  2. Hey,
    I am dealing with lot of confusion in my life. i am not sure what to do or what not to do. sometime i feel very low thinking about this. i am always anxious. can u please help me regarding this.

  3. I’m Sakshi Shah, a student of SIES college of Arts, Science and Commerce, Sion.
    I’m currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree specializing in Psychology. As a part of my degree program, I’m working on a research on ‘A survey of Attitudes of Mental Health Professionals in Mumbai towards Online Counseling.’
    The objective of my research is the fact that online counseling is an emerging field in India, with more and more counselors entering the virtual world for practising counselling and reaching out to more and more people with the help of an online medium. However, there are very few researches done in this field in India. Hence, I’m going to conduct a survey of mumbai- based Mental Health Professionals and for the same I would like to interview professionals working in your institution if given permission. Thanking you.

  4. Hi Vandana,

    Thank you for writing to us.

    We have sent you an email with the details. Please check and feel free to get back to us.

    Warm regards,
    The Inner Space Team

  5. Hi this is regarding my 17 year old son who is always online. Chatting with online friends whom he has never met in person.He has very few real friends and he hardly interact with them. To me it seems like addiction , if he gets internet connection then he cuts of all connect with real people and if stopped gets aggressive .i need help regarding this

  6. Hi Swatee,

    Thank you for writing to us.

    We have sent you an email with the details. Please check and feel free to get back to us.

    Warm regards,
    The Inner Space Team

  7. Hi, Swatee Sadana this side. I am Psychologist, Counselor and a Motivational Speaker. I was trying to look out for online portals which give opportunity for online counseling sessions too. I would like to know more so that if i find it suitable i would like to go ahead as a counselor for online counseling.

    Kindly share the details.


  8. Hi Akanksha,

    Thank you for writing to us.

    We have sent you an email with the details. Please check and feel free to get back to us.

    Warm regards,
    The Inner Space Team


    I would like to know how does online counselling work?
    I would like to volunteer for it.
    However I don’t have any experience or degree in psychology.
    Please guide me how should I go about it?

  10. Dear Shamika,

    Thank you for writing to us. We can imagine how it can be for you to handle such a feeling. We wish you well. We have sent you an email with the details of booking an appointment. Please check and feel free to get back to us.

    All the best for your exams.

    The Inner Space Team

  11. hi..i m 18 yr old girl..i am not able to concentrate on my things . My board exams are in march .I feel detached from everybody .I feel nobody is going to understand me.please help.

  12. Dear Magenta,

    Thank you for writing to us. We have sent you an email with the details as you requested. Please go through the same and feel free to get in touch with us.

    The Inner Space Team

  13. Hello. Please explain your online counseling model. How does it work? The communication tools reqd and cost per session, if possible. Best regards, Magenta

  14. Dear N,

    We understand that you are in a difficult situation. Having to deal with conflicts in relationships with significant people can be very overwhelming. Difficulty in reaching out to them can make it hard to cope with the same. All of it can have a deep impact on your well-being. Through the process of counselling, you can explore your concerns in a deeper light, and find ways to manage them accordingly. We would like to support you via counselling. We have sent you an email with the details of the individual counselling. Please check and feel free to reach out to us.

    Do take care.

    Warm Regards,
    The Inner Space Team

  15. Hi, I’m fourteen years old and I’ve lately been having a lot of problems having straight conversations with my parents. When we talk they usually get upset about my tone or the way I’m replying to them and it ends up in me crying in the confines of my bedroom.I’m having other issues too which I desperately want to find solutions too but I’m having a hard time talking to anyone. I hope you’ll can help me out?

  16. Dear Racheal,

    We understand that this is a worrisome time for you. It can be very confusing for parents when your child does not seem very interactive in general.There can be several reasons for his difficulties in concentration, and academic performance.

    To support you further, we need to understand your child’s concerns in a greater depth. The process of counselling is aimed at helping you expolore his concerns and accordingly find ways to manage the same.

    If you would like to book an appointment or would like to know more, please feel free to get in touch with us.

    The Inner Space Team

  17. My son is 5 and half years old. he doesn’t share any thing as to what happened in school etc.. he doesn’t have many friends and is always all by himself in school. he is happy to go to school but he is not able to concentrate on his studies. does he need counselling. he is average in his studies. he likes poetry and story but dislikes writing as he was not able to write clearly now he writes pretty well. completes his homework on time and sits with me to study for an hr or less as he cannot sit for long.

    Please advise does he need counselling

  18. Dear Vinod,

    We understand that as a parent, your child’s functioning can be very confusing at times. Moreover, having to deal with academic concerns like going blank and the occasional confusion can be very overwhelming for your son.

    There could be several reasons underlying his difficulties. In some cases, children may experience some deep emotional concerns which are hard to express. These underlying emotional difficulties could manifest in terms of confusion, lack of interest in going to school, and so on. At times, children may have concerns in terms of their capacity to perform academically.

    To support your son further, we need identify what his concerns are, in a deeper light, and ways to help him manage the same. Counselling as a process could be helpful in this regard.

    We would like to support you via counselling. If you would like to know more or would like to book an appointment, please feel free to get in touch with us.

    Warm Regards,
    The Inner Space Team

  19. Hi,
    I need your help to deal with an issue with my 7.6 years old son,

    1. He is obedient but very casual – I have no issue with it, but definitely his school teachers has.
    2. He is exceptional sometimes, he goes totally blank and confused sometimes. Example: he solves very difficult math problem with ease but there are some incidents where he totally gets confused between Addition ( + ) and ( – ).
    3. He will always be looking for holidays/offs from school.

    We asked teachers to help us from this, but they suggested to talk to some neurosurgeons, counselors etc, we couples are in big confusion whether to load the child with so many stuff at this age or seek help. Please help us.

    Best Regards

  20. I have been going through low self-esteem, difficult to express myself, bad relationship with wife, stress, anxiety and other issues. I want to know how psychotherapy will help me. Please send the fee structure and other necessary details.

  21. Dear Meenakshi,
    We understand that this is a very delicate and difficult time for you emotionally. It is indeed difficult to move on from a relationship that has been loving and nurturing. At the same time, you seem to have certain difficulties in your family that would make it difficult to take your relationship ahead.
    In such circumstances, it is useful to accept that this is genuinely going to be a difficult time. You would naturally be reminded of your partner and miss him. Accepting your emotions, instead of fighting them is usually the first step towards growth and recovery. That way, you would be nurturing and patient towards your emotions instead of wishing them away and pressurizing yourself.
    Asking yourself what really you want to do to help yourself feel better would also help. Usually, our mind does give us these suggestions, but we end up rejecting these suggestions because it seems too ineffective against the more overwhelming feeling of sadness. However, listen to yourself when these suggestions come up. Even if it is a small thing like going out on a walk, eating a wholesome meal, or a bigger step such as opening yourself up to change and growth, if you ask yourself in an open, accepting manner, some answers do come up that help you feel slightly better.

    If you think that this phase is too difficult for you to manage alone, and that some systematic and in-depth guidance in the form of counseling sessions would help, do write back or call us on 9833985538. We would be glad to support you through this.

    We sincerely wish you well.

  22. HII,
    i am into a relation since last 9 years it is a good relationship we both love each other a both and respect each other. we want to get married but i have many problems in my family my younger sister have already done love marriage without permission of my parents seeing to this and many other problems in my family and thinking of culture and our relatives what others will say i decided to sacrifice but we both couldn’t live without each other so i tried to convince my parents once and i told them everything but they refused. so i told my partner to end this relation but we both are not able to leave each other. now my parents have seen another boy for me for marriage but i am not able forget my partner what should i do please suggest.

  23. Dear A,
    We understand how difficult this situation can be to go through.
    When a partner cheats, it breaks one’s trust in a big way. This then affects one’s confidence and trust in the future. As counselors, we understand that fears and doubts can overwhelm your mind. However, it is very important to seek help. If you know somebody you can surely trust with sensitive information, try talking to them about this situation. If someone knows what exactly you are going through, they can help you understand and take control when your fears become too much or when you seem to be bogged down.

    However, if you are unsure or feel you can’t trust anyone, it would be helpful to talk to a counselor. A counselor will help you slowly deal with whatever emotions you are going through, until you start to feel more confident. It is also a good idea to seek professional help since undergoing a break up is a delicate phase. Having a trained, objective therapist to support you can boost your own coping skills and help you emerge stronger.

    Write to us on or call us on 9833985538 if you wish to book a session. Our timings for telephone enquiries are 11am to 7pm, Monday to Friday.

    We sincerely wish you well.

  24. Dear Nirbhay,
    Thank you for writing in and for sharing your concerns with us. We can understand that anxiety issues can really weigh one down and make one feel underconfident. However, anxiety can usually be overcome with some stable support from an objective person, such as a counselor. We suggest you see a therapist who works with anxiety issues. A therapist will hear you out and help you understand why these patterns of anxiety and loneliness exist. She will also gradually help you cope with your anxiety. Please don’t lose heart. It is possible for you to overcome this pattern.

    Do write back to us at if you want more details about psychotherapy. We would be glad to help 🙂

    Meanwhile, we are also sending you some links to articles that might be useful:-
    Why Do We Get Anxious?

    Is it Okay to seek help from a Mental Health Professional?

    We hope this helps

  25. I am 19 years old, I am going through extreme anxiety issues. I am depressed most of the times and am unable to concentrate on anything. I am unable to express anything about this to my family and friends. I feel lonely most of the times and feel like everything is just gonna end. What should I do??

  26. Dear Dinesh,
    Thank you for writing in. We apologize for the delay in response; your comment went into the junk section. Though we empathize with your friend and understand that this is a difficult situation, we would be unable to help with your query. We are psychological counsellors who only deal with emotional or psychological difficulties. We would not know about any legal effects or risks. Perhaps you could try enquiring with a lawyer.
    Also, if your friend requires any emotional help from a professional, we would be glad to help.

    We sincerely wish him well.

  27. Dear Archana,
    Thank you for sharing your concerns with us. We can understand how difficult and emotionally taxing this situation must be for you. It does get difficult and hurtful when someone close does not believe in you. We would be glad to help you cope with the situation through counseling. We have sent you an email with more details about the process and fees. Please check for an email from
    We sincerely wish you well.

  28. Hello my friend is suffering from a critical situation in life. He married 3 years ago with an employed woman.He also works in teaching profession. Due to stubborn persistent of bride’s father over conditions after marriage his wife is living at father’s house for 2 years. Though my friend loves her enormously and is not ready for divorce and second marriage. He says that in court he will confess his love again before judge. And request his wife to back home again. His attempt went wrong when he tried it earlier personally. Will it cause any side effect ?? Can’t Bride’s father lodge dowry act though not yet ?? He is broken and much disturbed. Please help..

  29. Hi, I have been into relationship for 5 years. Later I found him cheating on me. I broke up with him. But now m very depressed. I am scared if he is talking rubbish about me. Also I m really scared for my future. As my parents want me to get married but I donor how will I open up all this to my future partner.

  30. Dear Mam,

    I am unhappy with my marriage life. my husband doesn believe me. my son is one year old now and i am scared where he will fall into problem because of the fight which he is seeing between his parents from the time he is born. i dont know how to make my husband believe that i love him and ready to do anything for him. i am totally depressed. i badly need a help asap. thank you

  31. Dear Ashutosh,
    Thank you for writing in and for sharing your concerns with us. We understand how difficult it must be for you to deal with repetitive feelings of guilt and doubt. At the same time, don’t lose heart. It is possible to work with the root causes of guilt. Once the roots are addressed, it will become easier for you to cope with negative feelings. We have sent you an email as well explaining this. Please check for an email from
    Also, this article might be of some help – It’s an Unpleasant Thought, Not a Fact

  32. Im in a mess now. Completely screwd and hopeless. Im having feelings of obsessive guilt. All the time. Couldnt concentrate on anything. Plz help.

  33. Dear Himshikha,
    We can understand how overwhelming this information must be for you. Often, attention- seeking behaviour stems from deeper emotional vulnerabilities and patterns of thought that have slowly built up over time. It is possible for you to work through this in counseling and even overcome it. At the same time, we would advise that you do not go by only what you have read up on the internet. It would help to meet a counselor who would gain a detailed understanding of the situation and accordingly suggest what needs to be done ahead.

    We have also sent you details for counseling via email. Please check for an email from
    Take care

  34. Recently, my boyfriend broke up with me stating that I have attention seeking syndrome.
    On looking up on the internet, I found the symptoms shockingly similar to my behaviour. My family wouldn’t pay any heed if I would tell them about it and I need help.
    Please help. I feel directionless.

  35. Dear Ajith,
    Thank you for writing in and sharing your concerns with us. We would be glad to support your wife through counseling. We have sent you an email with details about the process and fee structure of individual counseling. Please check for an email from
    Take Care

  36. This is not about me, it is about my father and I want to discuss this problem in person. Cannot discuss it here. Could you revert asap. Thanks

  37. I would like to bring my wife for counseling. I believe she is under tremendous work related stress. Especially related to promotions at her office. Suggest me time, location and fee.

  38. Dear Vini,
    Thank you for writing in and sharing your concerns with us. We understand that this must be a difficult situation for you. Situations like these can be a great strain on both the partners and the relationship itself. You might feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to cope with your emotions.
    We would be glad to support you and your partner through counseling. A counselor would help you understand and work through the underlying reasons for the difficulties that you both seem to be facing. This would help you gain clarity on your issues and gain a sense of personal well-being.
    At present, there is a problem with our email server due to which we won’t be able to email details for the next few days. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will surely get back to you once it is fixed. However, if you wish to speak with us directly, you can call us on 9833985538. Our timings for telephone enquiries are 11am to 7pm, Monday to Saturday.
    Warm Regards.

  39. Hello,
    i am married for the last 7 years, it was an arranged marriage. we are having issues in our marriage since beginning but after 3years, my husband was having extramarital affair and now we have fights daily for trivial matters. How can you help us. we are having a 5 years old daughter also.

  40. Dear Shyam,
    Thank you for writing in and sharing your concerns with us.
    Yes, medication taken under professional supervision does help. Medication generally helps to relieve some of the symptoms associated with depression. In addition to medication, therapy and counseling would be beneficial. Counseling would help you to understand and work through the underlying causes of your depression. The emotional insights and coping skills acquired during therapy can help alleviate the depression. The counselor would help you cope with the mental stress that you are facing and would gently guide you to a more peaceful state of mind.
    We would be glad to help you through counseling. We are sharing some details about the process and fee of counseling with you via email. Please check for an email from
    Warm Regards.

  41. Respected ma’m,
    i am a known patient of depression since last three years, i m taking medicines regularly, but is this the right way to fight from depression? I need your help, pls tell me about your charges and timings for contact, thanks.

  42. Malini Krishnan

    Dear Yamini,
    Thank you for writing in and sharing your concerns with us. We can understand, that as a parent, you are worried about your daughter.
    There seem to be certain underlying reasons for her behaviour. These reasons could stem from certain innate or emotional difficulties that she could be facing. It would help to understand and explore these reasons so that we can help her work with the difficulties. We are sharing some details about the process and fee of counseling with you via email. Please check for an email from
    Warm Regards.


  44. Hi Kapil

    Situations such as these are both unfortunate and tricky. There is no clear yes and no answer I can provide to your questions, especially knowing so little of the context.
    However there is one thing I can suggest. Maybe your girlfriend and you can both visit a psychologist/counselor who works with couples. This counselor can then ask the relevant questions, get an in-depth understanding of the situation and help both of you work with your own thoughts and emotions with respect to the situation. I’m sure there will be more clarity then and reasons for decisions will seem somewhat more evident.
    Hope things turn out well :). All the best

  45. Hi, i have been in the relationship with my girl friend for more than 2 years and marriage was all set but in between two accidents happened at my home and her home also, consequently her parents are not ready to go forward with us and the my girlfriend is confused whether to go with me or with her family. So i took an initiative to talk to her dad but they straight away refused for the same.

    So could you please suggest what should i do now whether to leave the her or need to do more effrots.



  46. Hi,
    I need help! My wife and I dated for close to 10 years before marriage .It was long distance for a long period of time but we were very committed to each other. after we got married 2 years ago, we started having issues and it got so bad that we were fighting daily.I left the house in June last year but Ive been trying to get back ever since. I have suggested counselling but she doesn’t wanna talk to me at all and doesnt want counselling. She wants a divorce and I dont coz I love her a lot.
    How can you be of help to me here?

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