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We have a wealth of offline and online mindfulness and meditation programs that are designed to help people live with more awareness, wellness and compassion. As psychologists, we seek to translate deep traditional insights from eastern philosophy into secular wisdom by combining it with neuroscience and principles of psychotherapy.

Upcoming ONLINE Mindfulness, meditation and MENTAL HEALTH programs

November 2022

Nov 20

Self Compassion Retreat | A half day, in-person retreat in Mumbai

This retreat is an opportunity to spend time discussing, contemplating, and meditating so we have a framework for bringing self-compassion into our lives. Let’s do it with a group of like-minded people with whom we can share, discuss and deepen our learning. Know More

self-compassion retreat

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A Mindfulness & Self-Awareness Guide
By Sadia Saeed

This book is written with an intention to help young people adopt perspective and practices to live life joyfully, to initiate valuable learnings from Indian wisdom traditions early in life and to avoid learning unhealthy patterns that will lead to mental health difficulties later.

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Start your practice of mindfulness and meditation today with the free e-book ‘First Few Steps To Mindfulness’ written by our Founder and Chief Psychologist, Sadia Saeed. 

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Subscribe to our YouTube channel and watch videos to enhance your understanding of mindfulness and meditation. We also have a guided meditation playlist in our channel that will help you deepen your practice.

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Simple Practices

While mindfulness can be cultivated through formal meditation there are simple mindfulness practices that anyone can try on a daily basis that will make a difference.

Mindfulness For Organisations

Multiple studies have shown that integrating mindfulness concepts and practices has a lasting positive impact on an organization. Neuroscientific research has also shown several benefits for the individual. Mindful organizations are workplaces that embrace mindfulness as a part of daily work life. Such a workplace is productive, resilient, and has a happy workforce.

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