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what are mindfulness programs?

Mindfulness involves getting the mind back to the present and paying attantion to Life that is unfolding right now- within us and around us. Our Mindfulness Programs and courses are designed to teach you the methods and practices involved in cultivating a deep, meaningful connection in your life. 

Mindfulness Meditation Courses

We have a wealth of offline and online mindfulness meditation courses especially created for you, keeping your mental health as the primary focus. We have courses for you whether you are a beginner, a meditation practitioner or looking to restart your practice. Our courses range from byte sized introductory programs to deep wellness and mental health journeys that span over a year.

As psychologists, we seek to translate deep traditional insights from eastern philosophy into secular wisdom by combining it with neuroscience and principles of psychotherapy. These course are designed to help you live with more awareness, wellness and compassion.

Free Mindfulness Programs & Courses

Wisdom Circle Meditation

The Wisdom Circle

A Community for those interested in Self Awareness

Introduction to Mindfulness and the 8 week course

An Introductory Workshop to know more about Mindfulness and the 8 Week Mindfulness Meditation Course

Foundational Mindfulness Course

The 8 Week Mindfulness Meditation Course

Orientation to the 8 Week Details

Take this eight-week experiential journey of self-awareness, insights, and personal breakthroughs

The main objective of the course is to empower participants with tools that create awareness of thoughts, emotions, and situations and help them to navigate the difficult mental stories and emotions that seem overwhelming, all the while providing a framework of living a life of meaning and presence.

Advanced Course

A Step-by-Step Self-Awareness Program Based on Mindfulness, Meditation, Psychotherapy and Indian Philosophy

The objective of this program is to help people move through a systematic, progressive path of emotional wellness, personal growth and spiritual progress. It is a self-awareness and personal transformation program that is based on a combination of Indian wisdom traditions and best practices in the field of psychotherapy. The entire program has a study time of 2 years and is offered one module at a time.

advanced mindfulness meditation course

Additional Courses

half day mindfulness meditation retreat
Online Half-Day Meditation Retreat
Online practice retreat to learn methods to improve concentration, spend time in silence and focus while going through longer meditations and clear any doubts one may have about the technique of meditation.
Mindfulness Meditation Residential Retreat
Mindfulness Meditation Residential Retreat
A residential retreat designed for beginners as well as regular meditators. It is an opportunity to start as well as refresh your meditation and mindfulness practice.

Where Should I Begin?

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation workshop

You can start your journey with our Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation workshop which is a free workshop that briefly introduces the concepts and practice of mindfulness meditation. It also explains the details about our 8 week mindfulness meditation course which is our foundational course.

The Wisdom Circle

You can also become a part of the mindfulness community by joining the wisdom circle. This will help you be a part of several free short workshops throughout the year and get information about all new mindfulness resources that are released.

Our Foundational 8 Week Mindfulness Meditation course

This is our signature course that we facilitate twice a year. The course duration is 8 weeks, however you are required to attend only one live webinar each week and follow videos and audio practices that are provided to you for the rest of the week. This course is for you if you are ready to make a life-changing decision and want to make mindfulness meditation a part of your life. This course is very comprehensive and is designed to help you work with difficult thoughts, emotions and unhealthy relationships all the while moving towards a more joyfulness and happiness. This 8 week mindfulness meditation course is also needed before any modules of the advanced Living with Freedom course can be undertaken.

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Our Approach

Director's Note

program director

Sadia Saeed

In over two decades of my work as a therapist, I have come to recognize the absolute importance of deeply knowing oneself. This knowing is not just of the obvious aspects of who we think we are but the subtle aspects of our patterns, defenses, how we react to situations and people and why we react the way we do. It is an in-depth understanding of our hurt, sadness, jealousy, worry, fear and the quiet feelings and emotions that we dont easily show but always feel.

Most of my work with my clients in therapy involves this kind of deep knowing and compassionate understanding of their inner world. In therapy, I often help my clients to become quiet and still and deeply listen to what their body already knows. The answers come from within. The answers are all within us, but our constant, incessant mental chatter, judgmental attitude towards ourselves and the world and our lack of compassion towards ourselves and others leaves little space for deep listening and intuition. Practicing mindfulness meditation opens up the possibility of connecting with ourselves in this deeper, more honest and more compassionate way. 

In mindfulness meditation, no part of ourselves or the world is rejected. It is integrated into our understanding so we are no longer creating friction and anxiety within ourselves. We can then gently move towards a healthier perspective and happier life. However, this requires consistent and gentle practice along with the readiness to challenge some fixed ideas and beliefs that we may hold and that are actually making us unhealthy. 

The courses I have designed are therefore a kind of self-therapy journey. These are based on my personal experiences as a mindfulness meditation practitioner for about 15 years now which have brought me in touch with the magical power of silence and intuitive listening. They are also based on the practices that I have applied in my therapeutic work with clients. All the courses here are designed by me to help people to begin and continue this journey of greater self-awareness, compassion and joy. After all life is meant to be lived joyfully with a sense of abundance. 



Key Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

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FAQs on Mindfulness Meditation Programs

Often people try to read about mindfulness or follow some apps or some guided meditations, or listen to teachers on Youtube. Of course all of it is helpful. However, a well-designed mindfulness meditation course will enable people to go through the learning and application of mindfulness concepts systematically. A well-designed mindfulness meditation course will introduce both mindfulness and meditation practices slowly and also ensure that it is applicable to everyone and that the pace can vary according to an individual’s life situations and needs. Joining a mindfulness meditation course, especially one with live webinars, like the foundational 8 week mindfulness meditation course, also helps with a sense of community as there is a group of people that is going through the course with you. Interaction with the group, learning from others’ doubts and questions, finding connection with others situations is a very helpful way of learning the mindfulness practices and also sticking with them until they become a part of your life. In fact a lot of our participants repeat the course several times because of the value they find in different group interactions. That is why a minimum 8 week long mindfulness meditation course is suggested as the foundational course. This ensures that mindfulness will be a part of your life in some form or the other.


All the online sessions in our mindfulness programs are recorded. These recordings are available to our course participants for the next 7 days. The participants are requested to watch the missed sessions before attending the next online session.

Currently, we do not award a certification on finishing our programs. The main objective of our mindfulness courses is to equip participants with the skills to manage themselves better when they are overwhelmed by different situations through the practice and teachings of mindfulness.

The 8-week Mindfulness Meditation Course is conducted online & has two integral aspects: Self-study/practice and live webinars. The self-study/practice aspect includes pre recorded videos explaining mindfulness concepts. Weekly mindfulness application practices will be provided to help you apply the learnings to your life.Every week a live webinar will be held by the facilitator. This webinar will focus on addressing difficulties and questions around the content that was shared through the videos, reiterating the important concepts and doing a group guided meditation practice together. The entire 8 weeks is created to be an immersive experience and needs about 20-30 minutes a day from you to view the content and to follow the practices.


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