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"I've had the privilege of receiving therapy from Sadia (founder of Inner Space) for over five years, and the only words I can share are, simply, that I owe her my life."
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"Through therapy, Shubhra has shown me a way to live in my body that I didn’t know was possible. Shubhra taught me through somatic therapy or exercises on how to process trauma and reconnect to my body safely. I’ve learned how to monitor my nervous system to understand how I’m feeling and then consciously calm myself using love and care instead of negative coping mechanisms. She is patient and compassionate while being proactive and constructively challenging when she needs to be. She creates a safe space while engaging in the therapy, comes highly recommended and anyone would be blessed or lucky to work with her."
Pankti Patel
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“I've had an incredible experience with Innerspace Psychological Counseling, especially thanks to my therapist, Firdaus Moraes. Firdaus's compassionate and insightful guidance has really helped me navigate through personal challenges and build a better and stronger relationship with all parts of myself.”
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"Sanjeev's technique is to guide us to see the picture and the road ahead, on our own, rather than impose his views. He is a good, patient counselor."
Maitri Bheda
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"This is the place where I found my peace. There was a time when I was literally in depression and anxiety and really bin a bad space. I really thought there was no way round until I started attending my sessions here at Inner Space Counseling with Gitali ma'am. I am now at point where I can self motivate, where I can take care of myself. This place makes you independent truely."
Shweta Katti
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“I personally have been shaped by Sadia di’s wisdom, compassion and love. I have struggled a LOT with mental health issues over the years. Sadia di has been strict when needed and gentle otherwise. She did not only help me heal in therapy but also equipped me with tools to work with difficult emotions in everyday life through her mindfulness sessions.”

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Corporate Clients of our Past Mindfulness Trainings

We have over a decade of experience in training corporates in stress management, mindfulness and meditation practices.

"Here Is What Clients of Our Corporate Mindfulness Trainings Say"

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Our therapists are all trained psychologists qualified in helping people work through their difficulties. We work with individuals across different populations. We use an eclectic range of psychotherapies from solution oriented to insight oriented to holistic meditative approaches, depending on the need and comfort of the clients.

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Things are easier to resolve when you are beginning to feel emotional or uneasy. Don’t wait for the problem to get worse. It is never too early to speak to someone. Take help before it is too much for you.

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A workshop by our founder Sadia Saeed, Psychologist, Meditation Trainer & Author


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