Here, we update you about events at Inner Space that are held in addition to regular counselling and assessment. You will find information about workshops and group therapy sessions that we have held. Through these sessions, we have addressed issues such as self-esteem, the parent-child relationship, handling problem behaviors in children, effective communication in relationships and working with one’s stress.


Women’s Day: The Quiet Difficulties That Men and Women Go Through

Come March 8th and the focus and attention is on women. They’ve had their share of struggles in the past to get an equal footing with men. The issues they tackled were umpteen. The battle continues and the pressure still looms. Women have and continue to take things in their stride and move through life.   …

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Valentine’s Day: Revisiting the concept of love

Revisiting the concept of love Over the years, the concept of soulmates has been smeared and airbrushed into unrealistic levels of love and companionship. Many of us find ourselves absorbing the idea of love by social media, listening to romantic songs, reading Mills & Boons, or watching cheesy mushy movies. This is what love has …

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Inner Space Turns 11! – Our One Most Important Learning About Mental Health

We turned 11 years old on the 26th of December! This time, we thought of sharing our one most important learning about mental health with you. This is the one thing that has stood out the most over all our work in the last 11 years. Working with this seemed to strengthen resilience of people …

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A Year Since Lockdown: Lessons The Pandemic Taught Us

It’s been a year since the lockdown was first imposed when the unknown and rather scary COVID-19 virus affected all our lives. It not only affected the way we lived and worked but impacted the way we behaved, thought and felt. Doesn’t it all still seem so recent ? While we continue to navigate the …

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self-love image

Celebrate Self-Love This Valentine’s Day

Treat Yourself to Self-love Today and Everyday Love, romance, dating & relationships are some of the many buzzwords as we approach the month of February to celebrate as the greatest day of love Valentine’s Day. For some the run up to this day can evoke feelings of joy, togetherness and gratitude. For some it can …

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Inner Space Turns 8!

Inner Space Turns 8! We turned 8 on the 26th of December, 2018! As always, we are excited and happy, more so because we have moved into a new office space! We feel deeply grateful towards everybody who has been with us on this journey, our clients, our therapists and staff, our readers, and whoever …

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understanding the lgbt community


“Don’t cry. Boys don’t cry.”
“Hahahah! Beaten by a GIRL! What a wuss!”
Though most of us would say we support the rights of LGBT, very few of us truly strive to understand the LGBT community with an empathetic, open mind and even fewer are aware of the subtle ways in which we still fall prey to stereotypes and thereby, perpetuate them.

2015 inner space


In the wake of our 5th Birthday and the New Year turning in, we find ourselves reflectively looking back at the work we have done in the year that has gone by. As we do that, we wish to share with you all about the ongoings at Inner Space for 2015. We deeply thank each one of you for being a part of Inner Space and showing your support.

turning five


We turned five on 26th December, 2015! It’s the end of a year and the beginning of a new one, setting the stage for deep introspection…Our Chief Psychologist, Sadia Saeed Raval pens down her reflections and insights that the year gone by has offered, leaving us with some thoughts about how we could contribute to world peace!

The Art of Listening

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