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Happy New Year to all of you! We just turned five on 26th December, 2015, so this time of the year is all the more special for us!

In the wake of our fifth Birthday and the New Year turning in, we find ourselves reflectively looking back at the work we have done in the year that has gone by and wish to share with you, our journey of 2015!

Our team underwent some changes this year. We had five new people joining us, bringing with them fresh enthusiasm!

new team

The Mindfulness Space:

Our work on mindfulness has been picking up. The highlight of the year was the TEDx talk given by our Chief Psychologist, Sadia Raval on Mindfulness of Emotions! It was a proud moment for all of us and we couldn’t stop beaming. She spoke about how being mindful with emotions is akin to staying in the eye of the storm: the calm space in the midst of the disruption around it. You can watch her talk here:

Additionally, Sadia Raval also gave a talk on Mindfulness to a group of students at Raheja College in October.

Mindfulness Workshops:

One of our key ways to reach out to people and share the concept of mindfulness with them, is through conducting experiential workshops, where they get an opportunity to practise mindfulness meditation and gradually can incorporate it into their everyday lives.

We feel honoured to contribute to the spread of Mindfulness, as year after year, research constantly shows it to aid overall well-being.

We have been conducting these sessions since May 2013. This year also, in keeping with our tradition, we conducted the Basic as well as the Advanced Levels of our Mindfulness Meditation Workshops.

Kunjal Shah, one of our psychologists, took the concept of Mindfulness to a home for the elderly, Aaji Care. Her talk, intended for a group of 40-45 senior citizens, focused on the importance of staying in the present moment, even as we feel a loss of control.

mindfulness workshop

mindfulness senior citizens

Mental Health Awareness Week 2015: Each year, to celebrate the Mental Health Awareness Week, we pick a theme and have each of our psychologists explore different aspects of it. This year, we chose to talk about Archetypes.

Archetypes are basically sets of universal patterns seen across stories, myths, and characters that cut across time, space, and culture. Understanding how these different characters present themselves in the world around and within us could be an interesting way to get to know ourselves better!

So everyday throughout that week, each psychologist from our team brought forth an archetype to help you get a closer look at it:

Mental Health Awareness Week – ‘Discovering Archetypes’

Day 1: The Persona

Day 2: The Shadow

Day 3: The Explorer

Day 4: The Child

Day 5: The Lover

Day 6: The Hero

Day 7: The Sage

Blogs of 2015:

Here, we are sharing with you all our blog posts we wrote this year!

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How Stressed Are You at Work? Find Out Your Stress Score

Why We Feel Misunderstood

Reminiscing the past year and sharing our work with you has left us with a deep sense of fulfillment and encouragement to welcome the New Year with zest.

We wish to thank each one of you for being a part of Inner Space and showing your support.

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