We turned 8 on the 26th of December, 2018! As always, we are excited and happy, more so because we have moved into a new office space!

We feel deeply grateful towards everybody who has been with us on this journey, our clients, our therapists and staff, our readers, and whoever has interacted with us in some capacity. We work each day looking to make a difference in some way, through action, intention or through the heart. You all are a big part of what keeps us going, and we thank you for every bit of it!

Inner Space in 2018


We’ve put together snippets of how this year was for us and some highlights of the year.


We have a New Office!


The biggest change this year was that we moved into a new office space, the inauguration of which we held recently! In addition to bringing in fresh energy and novelty, this space also has a dedicated meditation hall that we are very excited about!

Geshe Lobsang Tenzin graced our center with his peaceful, embodied presence. He conducted a meditation session for us and blessed the center. It was a beautiful experience.