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Inner Space Turns 9 – Reminiscing 2019!

Inner Space Turns 9 today, 26th December.

As always, it is deeply satisfying and humbling to be a part of so many lives. We feel lucky and very grateful that we get to deeply share and process something very human with everyone we meet, over and over and over again, whether in a therapy session or in a workshop.

What kept us Ticking in 2019?

Everyone loves good work and we are no different!

Each year brings with it its own flavor. Here are some things that we loved doing in 2019!

Therapy and more Therapy

Well yes, this is the foundation of all our training and work. Most of us from the team have had some therapy experience even before Inner Space began in 2010, but this keeps us ticking all the way! Just to be a part of people’s lives in a free flowing, intimate way, where they share themselves as they are and we meet them as we are, is an abundant experience!

Working and Interacting with NGOs

This year, we did a lot of work with NGOs. We were overjoyed to facilitate mindfulness workshops for the Antarang Foundation team and the Apni Shala Foundation team. We also aligned the social-emotional learning curriculum of Apni Shala with the mindfulness principles of compassion and non-judgment, for 18 Municipal schools. This was a new, fun experience! Any work with children calls for more creativity, which we thoroughly enjoyed.

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We also continued our therapy and mindfulness work with Kranti, an NGO that rescues and rehabilitates children of sex workers. We have been working on personal and trauma therapy with them for many years now and they now are an integral part of many of our mindfulness workshops!

Our New Mindfulness Course!

In addition to our 8 week mindfulness course (we did 4 courses this year!) and our mindfulness retreat, we were very happy to begin a new program – The Breathing Happiness Mindfulness Program for children! This has been in the pipeline for long but picked up steam after our work with Apni Shala. Our child counselor Shubhra Mehta facilitates this program. It was surprising to see how effortlessly the children took to the practice.

We began a meditation circle for those who have attended our programs and wish to keep up the practice. We also now have regular guided meditation sessions on Thursdays. The more there is meditation, the happier we are! It gives us a lot of joy to watch people grow more peaceful and joyful as they meditate

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Workshops for Organizations

This year, we worked with Mindfulness for Engineers and their families at Tata Power, mindfulness for women at Asian Paints and Mindfulness for Leaders at Motilal Oswal and Microsoft. We also conducted a mindfulness workshop for young employees for Endurance International Group. It is wonderful to see more organizations explore this practice and explore the benefits of mindfulness for their workforce.

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With this, we close this year and look forward to whatever 2020 has in store!

Deep gratitude to each one of you, for all your love and support.

Wishing each of you wellness and happiness in the year to come!

Stay well, stay happy!

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