Dealing with Difficult Times Mindfully

There may be times in your life when you feel like things aren’t going your way. No matter how much effort you put in, nothing falls in place!

You may experience low moods very often. You may also have noticed that you struggle to sleep or eat well or even enjoy a conversation with a friend. 

You may start to feel depressed and dejected! 

Sometimes distracting yourself with a movie or scrolling through instagram helps. 

But no matter how much you try, you just can’t seem to shake off the glum feeling for good. More often than not, the feeling comes back making you feel worse than before!

So how do we then deal with situations that seem difficult to us? You may find this particular Zen story helpful in such times. 

A student went to his meditation teacher and said, “My meditation is horrible! I feel so distracted, or my legs ache, or I’m constantly falling asleep. It’s just horrible!”

“It will pass,” the teacher said matter-of-factly.

A week later, the student came back to his teacher. “My meditation is wonderful! I feel so aware, so peaceful, so alive! It’s just wonderful!’

“It will pass,” the teacher replied matter-of-factly.

The story points to the truth of life. Impermanence is the only permanent aspect in our lives.

Everything you love and hold dear will be gone eventually. We don’t like to think about losing the people and objects we love, but to think we will have them forever is pointless.

Accepting that things change, sometimes not in the way we want, is an important lesson helping us to grow and become mature adults.

Remembering impermanence and accepting it helps us to accept that the negative states will pass. 

Practicing the art of reminding yourself about impermanence enough times helps our mind realize this too.

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