Is there a change you’ve been wanting to make since very long?

Have you still been stuck in your situation somehow?

Do you get anxious when you think about change?

Do you altogether avoid thinking about change?

If you are in such a space, you are certainly not the only one. You only have to ask a few others before you realize that managing change is real hard work for many people, or maybe, for most people.

Considering how common a situation this is, we at Inner Space decided to get together and write about change, why it is difficult, how it feels to be stuck and how one can settle into change a little more easily.

Contributors to this article are: Sadia, Kunjal, Nandita, Megha, Anusha and Malini (Know more about the team here)

When does Change become Difficult?

Every moment of our lives, if we look closely, change is occurring – in yourself, with people you are related to, with the work you do.

Yet, change becomes difficult when it is:-

  • Out of your comfort zone
  • One you have not opted for or
  • One you find too difficult to undertake

Naturally, you would resist change initially in such situations. Making a change is not one step; rather, it is a series of stages. However, what if you don’t initiate change at all? Or, what if you are stuck in one of these stages?