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How To Choose The Right Online Counselor For Your Needs

Online counseling is a service that addresses mental health issues and is provided via video call, chat, phone, or email. Today, psychological support and counseling are much easier to acquire than before. Location used to be important, but those days are long gone. Nowadays, many licensed counselors and therapists have an online presence, making it …

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Online Counseling for Couples: How It Works and Why It Can Be Effective

Have you been considering couples counseling, but you are confused about it’s process, and all that it entails? There are a various types of therapy available that address different concerns of individuals, families, and couples. Moreover, there are a variety of therapeutic approaches or techniques that therapists use while interacting with clients.  This makes it …

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Body Image Difficulties

Working Through Body Image Difficulties Mindfully

What are Body Image Difficulties? How many times have you found yourself scrolling through Instagram and feeling like you aren’t good enough?  You may feel your nose is fat, lips are too thin, eyes aren’t pretty, or that you are simply not fitting into the  ideal body type. Social Media can Negatively affect Body Image …

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Dealing with Difficult Times Mindfully

There may be difficult times in your life when you feel like things aren’t going your way. No matter how much effort you put in, nothing seems to be falling in place! When you feel low, you may experience low moods often and you may also have noticed that you struggle to eat, sleep or …

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How to Deal with anger

Dealing with Anger Mindfully

Have you ever gotten angry at your parents for not letting you go out with your friends? Or on your friends itself, for not listening to you? You are not alone! Being angry is natural and we all experience it at some point. It can be a frustrating experience but the good news is you …

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Recognising Our Feelings

What Does it Mean to ‘Feel’? Our feelings are responsible for making sense of our experiences in life. They help us survive, form and maintain connections with those around us. They are also one of the important factors in motivating us to do things. Since ‘feelings’ have such an important role in understanding our conscious …

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Managing Difficult Thoughts Mindfully

Our mind is a powerhouse; from helping us make new friends, to getting us ahead in life, our mind does it all. It constantly works to make sense of our experiences. It also has an interesting tendency of creating stories to understand our world. However sometimes, in this pursuit, our mind can end up making …

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Being Friends with Yourself

We typically focus a lot on building good relationships with others. We are constantly trying to be ‘good enough’ so we can maintain our relationships with them.  However we tend to forget that one of the most important relationships is the one we have with ourselves, and the first step to this relationship is becoming …

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Mountain Meditation

Mountain Meditation for Staying Steady during Stressful Times

Stress is really an overused word and yet it is a defining aspect of our current, modern life. When you are in the loop of stress and constant thoughts, it is easy to forget that the calm, stable, mountain-like, steadiness is also within you, at that very moment, co-existing with the stress response. You may …

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Coping with Anxiety Using Mindfulness

Anxiety and coping with it consumes a lot of energy for many of us. If you are prone to anxiety, you know that it feels like a continuous buzz in the mind, with streams of thought about alarming situations, how they could be dreadful, how they can be prevented and what if you can’t prevent …

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The Art of Listening

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