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relaxing the mind

Dealing with Difficult Times Mindfully

There may be difficult times in your life when you feel like things aren’t going your way. No matter how much effort you put in, nothing seems to be falling in place! When you feel low, you may experience low moods often and you may also have noticed that you struggle to eat, sleep or […]

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How to Deal with anger

Dealing with Anger Mindfully

Have you ever gotten angry at your parents for not letting you go out with your friends? Or on your friends itself, for not listening to you? You are not alone! Being angry is natural and we all experience it at some point. It can be a frustrating experience but the good news is you

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Inner Space officially started on the 26th of December 2010-with prayers. A small, family and friends, get together cum prayer meeting was held to make the occasion meaningful. Each person present was required to read a prayer that inspired or touched them. It was an attempt to express what prayer meant to each of us within the context of wisdom of several faiths. Passages were quoted from the Bible, the Quran and the Upanishads. Some people read prayers they had written and others quoted spiritual poetry. Some interesting readings have been put down here:


Happiness Blueprint

- Reduce Overthinking
- Manage Difficult Emotions
- Cravings Management

Take Control Of your Life and Emotions

A webinar by our founder Sadia Saeed, Psychologist and Mindfulness & Meditation Trainer.


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