being in the present

Mindfulness during difficult times

How To Use Mindfulness During Stressful Situations

How To Approach Mindfulness During Stressful Situations? In today’s times, mindfulness practices have become pretty well known as stress management practices. Even if one does not practice, one has at least heard of mindfulness as something that brings down stress. However, what still remains less known is, how to approach mindfulness during stressful situations? What …

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Dealing with Difficult Times Mindfully

There may be difficult times in your life when you feel like things aren’t going your way. No matter how much effort you put in, nothing seems to be falling in place! When you feel low, you may experience low moods often and you may also have noticed that you struggle to eat, sleep or …

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Feeling gratitude

Cultivating Gratitude

We experience our life in a collection of moments; some moments are big and impactful whereas some are simple and small. Why is it so difficult for us to appreciate the simple things in our lives? –Something as simple as the aromatic smell of an energizing cup of coffee on a sleepy morning, Or the …

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Recognising Our Feelings

What Does it Mean to ‘Feel’? Our feelings are responsible for making sense of our experiences in life. They help us survive, form and maintain connections with those around us. They are also one of the important factors in motivating us to do things. Since ‘feelings’ have such an important role in understanding our conscious …

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Managing Difficult Thoughts Mindfully

Our mind is a powerhouse; from helping us make new friends, to getting us ahead in life, our mind does it all. It constantly works to make sense of our experiences. It also has an interesting tendency of creating stories to understand our world. However sometimes, in this pursuit, our mind can end up making …

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What’s The Big Deal About Being In The Present?

The mind as we all know is a faculty within us that has the capacity to stray and wander. It does not stay with what is present. There is no wonder then that it has been compared with a wild elephant or an untamed monkey. I would say it’s like a hungry animal that needs stimulating food for its palate all the time. Whenever it doesn’t get enough interesting stuff, it searches in another place.


A Short Story On Happiness

Here is a special story that shows us how we identify with happiness. Its a short Sufi, Middle-Eastern story taken from here. The Sack Mulla came upon a frowning man walking along the road to town. “What’s wrong?” he asked. The man held up a tattered bag and moaned, “All that I own in this wide …

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self growth


Become the person that you want to be…one day at a time.

We all have an image of our ideal self, the kind of human being we would like to be, of the kind of life we would like to live. But more often than not, reality has a different plan for us. No matter how much we want to be the tranquil, equanimous, all-accepting, ever-blissful Buddha, somehow we end up being the angry, frustrated and anxious poor Joe instead.



At times that’s all you need to do.

Pause is a way of nature, it’s part of the natural flow of life. After every breath you take in and let out – you pause, after every word you say you pause. In fact everything that seems like a seamless continuation is actually filled with numerous small pauses, coming together harmoniously to make us feel that everything is in continuity. The reel of a film has individual shots, each shot separate from the other. Our very cells have spaces – pauses – between them. Have u ever felt the need for this pause, this space?

The Art of Listening

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