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Being Friends with Yourself

We typically focus a lot on building good relationships with others. We are constantly trying to be ‘good enough’ so we can maintain our relationships with them.  However we tend to forget that one of the most important relationships is the one we have with ourselves, and the first step to this relationship is becoming …

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low self -esteem

How Thinking Affects Low Self-Esteem

When you have low self esteem, you tend to question your ability most of the time. Most people around seem to be doing better than you, and you don’t see enough competence in yourself.

The tough part about having low self esteem is that you tend to go on for several years in life believing within that you are not good enough. You feel inhibited in some situations…


Everyone wants to know what their strengths are – what they are good at, what situations they can pull-off well and what about them helps them cope better with life.

‘Strengths’ of any person are unique. Even if two people have the same strength, for example, good communication skills, the way each person’s communication skills show up in life would be very very different.

Sometimes, it is this unique nature of strengths that makes it difficult for you to truly identify what your strengths are. You probably think – ‘God, he’s so effective with customers’, or, ‘She’s so good with conversation!’ when you notice others.

The Art of Listening

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