Sadia Saeed – Founder and Chief Psychologist, Inner Space – India

Sadia Saeed


  • In the capacity of a psychologist, Sadia has worked extensively with different populations over the past 20 years. She has worked therapeutically with individuals, couples and children.
  • Presently her work consists of managing the organization, creating customized programs for training organizations, facilitating mindfulness courses and retreats, curating and overseeing programs delivered by her team and providing therapeutic supervision to her team as needed.
  • She has participated in a TEDx conference where she was invited to give a talk on Mindfulness of Emotions. (You can watch the video below)
  • She has designed, developed, and facilitated several stress-management and emotional resilience programs for corporate organizations such as Microsoft, Mercedes, Oberoi group of Hotels, Motilal Oswal and GroupM among others.
  • Prior to Inner Space, she had a private practice and was a consultant at Karuna Hospital and a visiting child guidance expert at Sol’s Arc (Assessment and Remedial Center).
  • She has also been a part-time counselor and advisor for several schools-both Regular and Special schools.
  • Sadia has worked with special populations such as with children and adults suffering from Juvenile Diabetes and HIV + orphans. She has also volunteered with Borderless World Foundation, an NGO working with orphaned girl children in Kashmir.
  • Sadia has been involved in working therapeutically with as well as creating mindfulness-based courses for children of commercial sex workers.
  • She has been a visiting teaching faculty for psychology in Nair Hospital- Department for Physiotherapy and in S.N.D.T University- Department of Nutrition.
  • Over the years, she has attended various courses to further her understanding of psychotherapy, such as those based on Integral Somatic Psychotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Reality Therapy and Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR).
  • She has attended trainings with Rick Hanson in Australia in both his key projects, ‘Buddha’s Brain’ and “Hardwiring Happiness”, both of which are based on the neuroscientific understanding of mindfulness.

A Mindfulness &
Self-Awareness Guide
By Sadia Saeed

This book is written with an intention to help young people adopt perspective and practices to live life joyfully, to initiate valuable learnings from Indian wisdom traditions early in life and to avoid learning unhealthy patterns that will lead to mental health difficulties later.

Speaking on Mindfulness of Emotions at TedX

Speaking at the Mindful Leadership Summit


Sadia completed her graduation in Psychology, from St. Xavier’s, Mumbai and her Masters in Clinical Psychology, from Mumbai University. She has also done a number of courses to deepen her knowledge of psychotherapy and mindfulness. Some of them are:

  • Mindfulness and the Brain: a course on neuroscience of mindfulness (Australia)
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Management
  • Integral Somatic Psychotherapy
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
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Hi Twinkle

Thank you for reaching out.
We wish you well, please do take care.
We have emailed you details. Kindly check and please let us know.

Have a nice day!

Inner Space Team

Hey. I have been going through some problems personally. Would appreciate if I could come for a therapy session

Hi Aarohi,

Thank you for writing to us. We can only imagine how tough this might be for you. We have emailed you details as requested. Could you please check your inbox.

Warm regards,
The Inner Space Team

I am going through a lot of emotional problems and career problems as well! My personal life is a mess and I think i really need help! How do I contact you?

Hi Salma,

We understand how tough it can get some times to manage stress. We have sent you an email with the details of booking an appointment. Please check and feel free to get back to us.

The Inner Space Team

I am emotional fool.l am suffering many difficulties in my i am mentally disturb.I cant adjust any thing.I am feeling helpless.I need help please suggest what can i do?

Dear Ruchi,

We understand, this must be really difficult time for you. To identify concerns in a deeper light.

We have sent you an email with the details of booking an appointment. Please check and feel free to get back to us.

The Inner Space Team

Dear Sadia,

I an going through a stressful phase of my life… from a bold chirpy fun loving person have turned into a person who has lost happiness and life’s luster.Have never felt so confused with my own being before.. The phase like this is making me go crazy.. Am working , have two kids… loving husband and concerned friends. but today i feel no one understands what am saying and feel like loosing everything.. I have become silent as i don’t want to share my thoughts cause it rages anger in me and then comes its after effects.. but keeping quiet is making me go crazy with thoughts running in my mind which doesn’t stop at seems to be a standstill…
I felt am in dire need of help so was searching the website where i saw ur profile… I called up the number to check if i can see you but in despair got to know that you are booked for over few months… I was helped by the front desk person to check other profiles..I felt that connect with you… Is it possible for you to pls help me with a little time of yours.
I would be highly obliged pls.


Dear Sona,

We understand, this must be really difficult time for you. To identify concerns in a deeper light. You could consult a counsellor from our team, to understand ways in which we can support you in managing your concerns adequately.

We have sent you an email with the details of booking an appointment. Please check and feel free to get back to us.

The Inner Space Team

Hi Sadia,
I am going through a tough phase personally and professionally. I feel i have become phobic to alot of things. Well, is it possible to have a one on one conversation? Would be great to get any kind of help/ understanding about how to work on my situation.

Dear Neha,

Thank you for writing to us! We have responded to you via email. Please do check and feel free to get in touch with us.

The Inner Space Team

Hi Sadia,

I am a Clinical Psychologist based in Navi Mumbai. I am a PhD Scholar, pursuing PhD from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. I wish to use Mindfulness based intervention in my research. I went through your profile and found it to be really nice. I require your guidance and I would also like to explore some training possibilities with you, in the Corporate Sector. Would you mind sharing your email id or phone number so that I can share my thoughts with you? Please write to me on my email id –

Neha Verma
Clinical Psychologist

Dear Wella,

We understand that this must be a difficult time for you and your son. As parents, it can be very worrisome when your child experiences social anxiety and displays low confidence. To support him further, we need to understand what may be causing these concerns, and help him find ways to deal with the same. This could be done through counselling as a process. We would like to support you and your son via counselling. We have sent you an email regarding some details of the process of counselling. Please check and feel free to get in touch with us.

The Inner Space Team

Hi sadia
This is about my son whos 18 yr old now and studying for engineering. Though he is good in studies he is suffering from lack of confidence. Lately he startd getting social anxiety too. .he doesnt have any frnds either.pls advise wat to do

Dear Dimple,

Thank you for your kind words!

Currently, we do not have an opening for internship at our centre. However, we wish you the very best in all you career aspirations!

The Inner Space Team

Dear Sadia,
You seem to be a wonderful person and a great psychologist too. Im studying psychology sociology and philosophy in my second year! I would love to join ul as an intern and observe the whole system. Please let me know about the same. thank uD

Hi Deepak,
Thanks for writing to us. We have replied to your comment via email. Hope it helps.

The Inner Space Team

Dear Hiten,

It sounds like you are going through a tough phase. Sometimes, things can get so overwhelming that we feel that there is no hope. Seeking help is the first step for working through one’s difficulties. We are glad that you could reach out to us.

We have sent you an email on the process of counseling. Please get in touch with us at 9833985538, so that we can reach you sooner.

The Inner Space Team.


Wanted to meet you to understand role of a psychologist in general school education. We run a coaching center for kids in Malad. Please let me know if we can meet you during this week.

Deepak Agrawal

Hello sadia mam

I am 21 years old.I am harassed by bad nightmares and thoughts.
Sometimes I thought to attempt suicide. Please help me to remove these thoughts and nightmares

Hi Shweta,

Thanks for writing in. Yes, at Inner Space, we work with children as well.
We understand that you are concerned about your child’s behaviours. Sometimes, academic performance may get affected when the child is facing any emotional difficulties. It is important to get a deeper understanding of the situation to get a clearer perspective.
We have sent you an email on the process and fee structure. Please feel free to get in touch with us.

The Inner Space Team

Hi Sadia,

I wish to visit you with respect to counselling for my daughter. She has issues with her academics.When she leaves the house for writing her exams she is aware of everything. When she is back from exams she claims that she has fared very well. But when the papers come she has hardly written her paper. Either she has written only half ans or she has goofed up with most of her Q even after knowing ans to the Q. This is really bothering me and as result I constantly keep nagging her and this keeps me highly irritated most of the times. Her academics and my ill behaviour towards her are also affecting her behavioural pattern. Wish to know if you”ll take up child counselling.


Shweta Prabhu

We can understand that you must be going through a lot of confusion.
It must be exhausting to deal with so many emotions at a time.
Sometimes in a marriage there can be rough patches, and it can get overwhelming to handle them by yourself.
In such situations, speaking to a counselor can be of help.

Please feel free to call us call us on 9833985538 to know more about counseling.

Thanks and Regards,
The Inner Space Team

Hi Sadia,
My husband was a very calm and composed man. He is working at a bank in a good position. But lately we have had a lot of issues due to his family interference and his own attitude. He gets angry these days for the smallest of things which makes it very difficult to communicate with him. I try my best to deal it and maintain my composure. But I too lose it at times and get upset cause dealing with so much anger takes up all my energy. I even suggested getting a divorce if my presence is causing him any trouble. But he says he cannot live without me and punches the wall or any other hard surface in his anger and frustration. Or even starts hitting himself. I care for him and leaving him alone in this situation is not an option for me.

If you could please advise in what way can I help him , it would be great

Counseling can definitely help in exploring what factors could have contributed to low self confidence and negative thinking.
A counselor will provide a space where he can freely share his innermost thoughts and feelings. Gradually, the counselor will work through the difficulties, helping him gain more faith in himself.
Please feel free to call us call us on 9833985538 to know more about counseling.

Thanks and Regards,
The Inner Space Team

Hi Sadia,
My son is 31 years old. He is presently working but has very low confidence and always has negative thinking,
Was wondering if he needs counselling and if so when and where can he come.


Dear Riaz,

It is quite a difficult time you seem to be going through. We would be glad to help you via counselling. We have sent you the details about the process and the fee structure via email. Please feel free to call us call us on 9833985538 for any further queries.

Thanks and Regards,
The Inner Space Team

Dear Vamshi,

Thanks for writing in. We would be glad to share our articles for your magazine. We have sent you an email regarding the same.

The Inner Space Team

Hi Sadia

I am a retd. sr. citizen. For last some weeks I feel depressed and suffering from negativity, fear, loss of interest, bad mood.Lack of sleep has also added to my mood.Pl. help me out. What wll be the fees if I attend your clinc.


Respected madam,

This is vamshikrishna parlapally from Hyderabad, Madam we are going to launch a educational magazine (English) in this month. Magazine name KNOWLEDGE 360 can you provide your valuable articals for 6th class to +2 students.If you want to send the articals please send to

we solicit your valuable patronage madam

Thanking you.

Dear Dr. Sadia,

It was nice to see you and your team interacting individually with each person commenting on your blog. My name is Sehar and I work as a Techincal Manager in a MNC. I developed interest in counselling some time back and I also completed my one year diploma in guidance and counselling (distance learning with some workshops added on) from Jamia. I feel though elite have quite an access to counselling services in India, but there is a whole congregation of middle class and less economically privileged people in India who are in dire need of these services. I wanted to reach out to them and started a weekly counselling session in my neighbourhood (free of cost) where anybody can contact me. I felt, people are still not aware about what the counselling is or its benefits, but I was happy that I was able to help out a handful of them. I want to make a career out of this, where I can help average people with their problems. But as I am working, can you suggest me how to proceed in this direction. Are there part time options in Counselling as a career as currently I am employed and do not want to loose out on my job before anything concrete occurs in this field for me.

Your any kind of suggestions would be very helpful for me.


Dear Mr. Madre,
Thank you for writing in to us. We would be glad to help you. We have sent you an email with details about the procedure and the fees. Kindly check for an email from
Thanks and Warm Regards

Respected Madam,

As we are NRI as we are coming to Mumbai we want to consult you for my eight year old son wht is the procedure plz let us know as we have a short stay in Mumbai and we are residing towards thane so plz guide us

Hi Sadia.
I have completed my graduation in Psychology and Masters in Applied linguistics with Psycho and Neuro-linguistics and certification in REBT. I am keen to apply the learning’s in the real world and hence looking for an opportunity. Kindly let me know, if there is an opportunity.
Thanks and Regards

Hello ma’am,
I have appeared for 12th exam and results are awaited. but one thing I am pretty sure is, I want to pursue clinical psychology. I am very keen to know this subject and it’s practice in depth, like i want to know how does the process goes? how to talk to your patient and build a rapport? and everything. I would be glad if I could meet you in person and work with you. Thank you so much and warm regards!

Hello Sadia,
Glad you’re just around recently as I just wanted to get in touch directly with you only.

Hey I just went on and it got so long I’ve copy pasted it sent with a mail. Can you please go through it sadia.


Hello Dr. Sadia,

Glad to see your work and the concept of Iner Space.
I am a HR professional with 5 years of experience and wish to explore the field of Psychotherapy and Counselling as a practitioner.My Qualifications: B.A. (Economics) and MBA.
I am looking forward for a post graduate degree which i can do along with work that is internationally accepted, in case i plan to practice out of India.
Request your inputs please


Hello Dr.Sadia, Myself Rajni Panday, im in urgent need of ur help….im really depressed by my lyf..i hv a 3yr old daughter. I hv lost all interest wid my ownself & watevr i do all goes against me. Neither my parents nor anybody supports me…they jst blame me for everything….things are getting worse day by day. I hv come from Hyd now in Mumbai for a month…..i need a gud counselor wid the fee structure & the location of ur clinic. Kindly help me out plzzz help me…Waiting for ur reply ASAP.

Warm regards: Rajni Panday

hello sadia mam,
i am not able to concentrate on my anything.
i usually think bad for people i know well . i always thinks i m superior than other (but actually i am not). only bad things occur in my mind . because of this my career is going down fastly , i dont know what to do. I have lost control on my thoughts , i usually ignore the people i know. please help me mam.

Hi Asif,
hum samaj sakte hain ki yeh aapke liye mushkil daur hai. Kabhi kabhi, bohot der tak hamare andar ke emotions dabe hue rehte hai. Hum unka dhyaan nahi rakhte hai. Dheere dheere yeh emotions badte jaate hain aur phir negative thoughts, fear, confusion paida karte hain. Hamari rai yeh hai ki aap kisi counselor se appointment leke unse baat kare. Counselor in emotions ke saath kaam karne mein aapki madad karegi. Aap humse 9833985538 par sampark kar sakte hain. Hum aapko bataenge ki counseling mein kya hota hai. Phir aap decide kar sakte hain ki aapko kya karna hai.
Hamari asha hai ki aapko madad mil jaye aur aap better feel karein
Thank you

hey mam I’m mohd asif from up
mam mai bahot jyada pareshan rhta hun negative thinking se ajibogrib khayalat aate rhte hai …hamesha ek dar jaisa algta h..mai kisi v situation ko handle nhi kr pata hu …aisa lagta h ki sab kuchh kr skta hu mgr kuchh v nhi kr pata ….mam meri memory v bhot jayada weak h hr subah mere liye ek nyi shubah hoti h …. mam mere andr koi excitement nhi h yha tk ki kic se baat krne ka v mn nhi krta ….agr kic se baat v krna chahta hu to aisa lgta h mere mind me baat krne k liye kuchh v nhi h ….pls pls mam koi solution btaen ……….#

Dear Omkar,
Thank you for writing in to us. We’d be glad to help you with your query. Our contact number is 9833985538 and our email id is We have sent you an email from the same id, with the process and the fee structure of counseling, to help you decide if you wish to book an appointment.
Warm Regards

Hey Sadia,
I would like to contact you for my counselling.
Do you have a contact number? or email?

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