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Metta: The Practice of Compassion

The 13th of November this year is being celebrated as World Kindness Day. I have been fortunate to be a part of the discussions for the events planned on this day. This video of a mindfulness and compassion practice embedded below is my contribution to the event.

I find mindfulness and kindness inseparable as concepts. One of the core pillars that supports the practice of mindfulness is compassion which is the highest form of kindness.

This form of kindness is about actually accepting and valuing people and other living beings for who they are. Compassion is a deep internal understanding that “just like me, others also suffer and struggle”. It helps to keep our judgmental nature at bay and be more embracing.

However in order to develop true kindness, nonjudgmental acceptance and compassion towards another, it is inevitable that we first we practice kindness and compassion towards ourselves.

When we are unkind towards ourselves, it is very difficult to be genuinely kind to others.

So here is a Metta Practice about kindness towards self and healing. It is 5 to 7 minute practice. So please be seated in a comfortable place where you can close your eyes and follow the guided meditation.

May you be well. May you be happy.

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