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Mountain Meditation

Mountain Meditation for Staying Steady during Stressful Times

Stress is really an overused word and yet it is a defining aspect of our current, modern life. When you are in the loop of stress and constant thoughts, it is easy to forget that the calm, stable, mountain-like, steadiness is also within you, at that very moment, co-existing with the stress response.

You may feel completely caught up in thoughts, may not see a solution to your problems, your energy may be totally expended and your body may be fatigued. And yet you are the mountain, strong, stable and steady!

Both knowing and accessing this state while stressed can be difficult but here I am sharing with you a practice that will make it possible.

This is the practice of Mountain Meditation. Some of you who have been a part of our 8 week mindfulness meditation course have already experienced it.

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This is a great practice when you need to re-orient, ground yourself, deal with worry and fear and access the resources of stability and steadiness within you.

Remember, right now you are what your attention is fixed on. Doing this practice is a way of moving your attention from the constant, stressful thinking and planning and taking some time to let your mind and body resources get renewed.


Here are both the English and the Hindi versions for you. All you need to do is sit comfortably with closed eyes and follow the audio.

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