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Simple Breathing Meditation Practice

Simple Breathing Meditation Practice

Meditation need not be something complex and hard. In fact, it is a space that allows you to go easy on yourself. Breathing meditation is an exercise that perhaps most of you may be familiar with. It’s the simplest form of meditation and focuses on awareness of the breath.


Why The Breath?

The breath as a concept is intertwined with the very sense of being and existing, of being alive.

It is a neutral and involuntary process that stays with you all the time.

Using awareness of your breath automatically brings you to the present, in the moment that is most immediately available to you.

Starting the Meditation Practice

Choose a Calm Place:

Watch this video for inspiration



Listen to a guided breath meditation practice

Something to Remember

Like in all mindfulness practices, it is important not to judge how long you can manage to sit or how restless you get. The only important aspect is to just sit for the breathing meditation and allow the rest to happen as it may!

We hope you try this and enjoy it too! 

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