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Family counseling

Family Counseling

Managing conflicts, finding your strength as a family, and working together towards a feeling of safety and peace at home is certainly possible with some support along the way.  

We can offer you the help you need to rebuild a healthy, happy family environment through our Family Counseling Services.




Online Family Counseling: Strengthen Your Family Bonds
From The Comfort Of Your Homes

Family Therapy is a form of counseling to help you work through the issues within the family. Depending on the needs of the family, our counseling is conducted online through individual, couple, or group sessions. 

We at Inner Space understand the importance of building a healthy and happy family atmosphere. 

Therefore, our trained Family counselors help in providing you with a safe space to discuss and work through problems and strengthen the relationship between your loved ones.

Some Common Issues Family Counseling Can Help You With

Family conflicts, separations, abuse, or going through negative experiences together, can rupture the foundation of your family. This can cause a great deal of stress for each family member. 

Our Family Counselors are trained to help you and your family to identify and work through these  issues together. Family Therapy can address a wide range of issues that may arise within a family system, such as: 

Without assistance, working through these problems with your family can be challenging. Family counselling can strengthen the foundation of your family and help you feel better equipped to handle challenging circumstances in the future. 

online family counseling for Communication Issues

Communication Issues

The functioning of your family may be hampered by misunderstandings, difficulty expressing your needs and wants, difficulty managing your emotions, and frequent arguments among family members.

online family counseling for Abuse or Violence

Abuse or Violence

Dealing with the effects of abuse or domestic violence within the family, which can strain relationships and create a need for intervention.

online family counseling for Life Transition

Life Transitions

Going through a major life transition, like a family member’s death, a parent’s divorce, a separation, or a child moving out after graduating from school. For you and your family, these changes may be extremely overwhelming and may result in adjustment problems.

online family counseling for Mental Health Issues

Mental Health Issues

It can be taxing for you to witness a family member dealing with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, addiction, or other illnesses. The task of caring for and understanding the condition of the mentally-affected person can be difficult for family members.

Online Family Counseling for Conflict


Conflicts can arise when parents have different approaches to disciplining and managing their children’s behaviour. This difference may have an impact on how the children act around and interact with their parents.

Online Family Counseling for Behavioural Issues

Behavioural Challenges

You may feel frustrated, helpless, and powerless as a parent to help your children if they exhibit challenging behaviours like aggression, defiance, or substance abuse.

How Does Online Family Counseling Work?

Online Family counseling is conducted over the clients’ preferred online medium, such as video conferencing services, or phone call. Irrespective of the medium, therapists ensure your safety and privacy while you use these services.

Flexibility in timings

Easy access to more therapists and services

Ensured safety, confidentiality, and quality of services

Contact us for Online Family Counseling

Contact Us For Online Family Counseling

Online Family Counseling can be a great opportunity for you to work towards creating a supportive, healthy, and loving family.

We are here for you.

Benefits of Online Family Counseling

Benefits Of Family Counseling

Understanding the Root of Family Conflicts

Working with a trained psychotherapist can help you understand the causes of family conflicts and identify the factors leading to them.

Conflict resolution and Problem-Solving

Our work with families involves gaining a deeper understanding of the patterns that contribute to the conflicts. We help each family member learn ways to deal with conflicts in a better way. 

Maintaining a Positive Family Environment

We at Inner Space believe that families are a source of support and strength for individuals. One learns how to manage emotions, conflicts, and attachment from their families. Therefore, our family has the potential to leave an ever-lasting imprint on our adult selves. 


Disharmony between family members can be distressing, and can create a negative and toxic environment at home. Family Therapy is a great tool in such instances for your family  to foster healthier, positive familial relationships.

How We Can Help You Find The Right Family Counselor

At Inner Space, Family Counseling is considered to be a collaborative approach that involves both the family members and the therapist. Our therapists work towards facilitating a safe space for you and the family to share their feelings and thoughts, and work through conflicts with ease.

The search for the right counselor can be a tedious task. At Inner Space, our process begins with understanding your difficulty briefly and matching you with the therapist on the basis of the challenges or concerns that they can help you with. So, an individual availing family therapy will be matched with a therapist who is trained in this area. 

Our therapists at Inner Space have a Postgraduate Degree in Clinical or Counseling Psychology. They are qualified to help identify any differences or areas of conflict in the family. By using explorative and compassion-centered strategies, we work towards building more connection and understanding in families.

How To Book An Online Family Counseling Session With Inner Space

How Online Counseling & Therapy Work

"What Our Clients Say about Our Online Counseling Services"

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FAQs for Family Counseling

Yes, online family counseling can be an effective option to address your family concerns . Online therapy is accessible, affordable, and can be attended wherever you are. Our qualified therapists also ensure the quality of their services and privacy. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection, and reserve a quiet, distraction-free area for the sessions.

Online family counseling can help families address a range of issues, such as communication, behavioral, mental health, relationship, life transitions, academic challenges, and substance abuse. It can help build stronger relationships through improved communication, understanding, and cooperation.

Online family counseling at Inner Space is a collaborative and supportive process to address family concerns. The process is carried out online. It involves an initial assessment, goal-setting, active participation, emphasis on communication, and privacy. The therapist will create a safe and supportive environment to help the family members feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and feelings, and work to improve communication and strengthen relationships.

Yes, absolutely. Counselors follow the principles of confidentiality while working with clients for Family therapy as well. Confidentiality and respecting the client’s privacy is essential for therapists to establish rapport with the client. There may be, however, some exceptions to this. 

In instances where the individual may be at risk of harming themselves or others, therapists may consider disclosing information to maintain the safety of the client and others around them.

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