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Thank you for reading, encouraging, and supporting us all along this year.

We think about you a lot when we decide what to write.

In a typical brainstorming session we try to raise and answer questions like: what are people looking for, what problems they need help with, what psychological difficulties are fostered by our environments today, in these changing times. Having considered these questions, we have written articles ranging from disciplining children with compassion, to cyberbullying help for teens, to dealing with emotions and feelings and increasing self acceptance.

We have converted all of these and more of our best articles of 2013, into a beautiful magazine format that is a joy to browse through, thanks to flipboard.

“Work is love made visible” says Gibran.

And here is our work, that we love, made visible for you through this magazine link:-

Best of Mental Health 2013: By Inner Space

Do write in with recommendations for topics that you would like to read about in the coming year and we will certainly try to write in depth about them. Thanks again for being a part of our journey. We wish you a very Happy New Year! 🙂

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About the Author: Sadia Raval is the Founder & Chief Psychologist of Inner Space – A center for counseling and psychological assessment. You can know more about her here. You can follow Inner Space on Facebook, Google+ and twitter for regular updates of their work and share with them what you feel about this post.

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