Deepen your meditation practice

Mindfulness Meditation Retreats

Turn inwards through silence and contemplation practices

Mindfulness Meditation Retreats are a great way to turn inwards through silence and contemplation practices. It presents you with the opportunity to not only learn but also deepen your meditation practice. 

At Inner Space, we provide online as well as offline retreats.

Online Half-Day Mindfulness & Concentration
Practice Retreat

What will you learn in this online mindfulness meditation retreat?

By joining this online meditation retreat you will learn methods to improve concentration, spend time in silence and focus while going through longer meditations and clear any doubts you may have about the technique of meditation.

Residential Mindfulness Meditation Retreat

How will this mindfulness meditation retreat help me?

This intended distraction-free space will help you to work deeper within

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Our community interested in Self-Awareness and Mindfulness

Be part of a community interested in self-awareness, mindfulness, meditation and wisdom practices.

The Art of Listening

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