Living with Freedom:

A Step-by-Step Self-Awareness Program Based on Mindfulness, Meditation, Psychotherapy and Indian Philosophy

Living with Freedom Program

Living with Freedom is a self-awareness and personal transformation program that is based on a combination of Indian wisdom traditions and best practices in the field of psychotherapy. The entire program has a study time of 2 years and is offered one module at a time.

The idea of this program is to help people move through a systematic, progressive path of emotional wellness, personal growth and spiritual progress.

Why Should One Do The Living With Freedom Program?

The highest benchmark of wellness is a deep kind of knowing and refined awareness of oneself and the world around. This is possible only when a person has spent time in awareness practices that lead to an inward focus and reduce the noise producing quality of the mind. Instead of constantly trying to fix and resolve the externalities of life, a helpful and healing approach is to turn inwards and looks at one’s own relationship with life.

Most Indian spiritual traditions agree on the idea that joy is an already existing aspect of oneself. However this ever-present joy is hidden by layers of conditioning that create fear, uncertainty, doubt, and an overall sense of dissatisfaction and unhappiness. 

The Living with Freedom program is an excellent opportunity to examine these layers of fear, habitual tendencies and deeply stuck patterns and release them gradually through compassionate and wise practices.

About The Living With Freedom Program

Level I Of The Program

The Living with Freedom Program is an evolving one. The level I of this program has been facilitated several times over the past 8 years and continues to be delivered regularly in the form of the 8 week mindfulness meditation course. The intention of this level I-8 week mindfulness meditation course is to familiarize people with the concepts and core practices of mindfulness, awareness and meditation. Through presenting a holistic wisdom template, the level I course helps people to apply the learned concepts and practices of awareness to thoughts, body and emotions and to gain conviction about the immense potential of the practice in paving the way to joy and freedom.

See the course and some reviews by participants here.

Level II Of The Program

The Level II of the program is designed to further deepen the journey of personal growth and wellbeing that started in level I. The core objective of this level is to provide ample amount of opportunity and support for particpants to integrate wisdom practices in their life in a way that self-awareness becomes natural and wise action, effortless. The Level II of the Living with Freedom Program is offered through six modules.

Through the unfolding of these modules, you can expect a threefold shift. It will help:

  • Deepen your understanding: Each module will create depth in a specific area that was merely introduced in the level I program.
  • Practically apply your learnings to life: Each module will focus on application of learnings to your individual life context.
  • Create a systematic schedule of practice: Each module will help assimilate learnings systematically and create a practice schedule that works for you.

Each module will be facilitated over 4-8 weeks as per the needs of the module. All modules open different doors that lead to the same path of wellness and wisdom. You will often find the modules interrelated and going through one module will help you benefit more from others. The modules of level II can be undertaken in any order. The only prerequisite is that you have done the level I course. You can also pick and choose which modules you would like to do.

Any module of Level II course can be done ONLY after completing the Level I course, i.e the 8 Week Mindfulness & Meditation Course. Click here to know about the Level I course. 

Living With Freedom Program: Modules for LEVEL II

This module focuses on the cultivation of essential qualities of wellbeing. The module draws inspiration from the Shila aspect of the Noble Eightfold Path and the Yamas and Niyamas of Yoga Sutras. Both these traditions encourage the development of certain qualities that are essential to reduce suffering, enhance wellbeing and support spiritual progress. This module focuses on six essential qualities of self-discipline, non-violence, truthfulness, contentment, generosity and surrender. Each quality is deeply understood and practiced with exercises and meditations for a week. Such practice provides the opportunity of uncovering some hidden unhelpful tendencies and gradually creating a change. Know more about the qualities of wellbeing course

This module focuses on alignment, posture, relaxation and concentration and establishing correct breath. It examines the different ways different traditions have approached meditation and helps you establish the method most suited to you. It also supports the cultivation of attitudes that help meditation and examines those that hinder meditation. In this module the attempt is to increase effort gently and make meditation a more regular part of your life. Know more about the Deepening Concentration module

This module focuses on deepening compassion in your relationship with yourself and the world. The Cultivating Compassion draws from the four aspects of compassion or four Brahmaviharas which are called Metta, Mudita, Karuna and Upekkha in Pali and are often taught as a part of Buddhist practice. These have also been expounded in the Yoga sutras as Maitri, Mudita, Karuna and Upekshanam in Sanskrit. Each of these will be practiced during the course through practice prompts, meditations and application to real life situations.

This module brings attention to the body, the seat of intuitive wisdom. Aligning the mind and body is the primary goal of this module. This module helps you examine and heal your relationship with your body by using deep listening, movement and support. It also introduces concepts related to the subtle aspects of the body and the energy body in order to facilitate the understanding of subtle signals of the body before they manifest as gross pain, illness or emotional overwhelm.

This module hopes to create a therapeutic shift in one’s ability to relate to one’s emotional life. The Befriending Emotions module involves applying awareness and compassion to specific emotions like anger, jealousy, grief, fear and so on. In the level I program a mindful approach to work with emotions was introduced. In this module each week focuses on a specific emotion, your relationship with it and how it manifests in your personal context. The intention is to help you create capacity for the emotion, an understanding of the deeper aspects that trigger it and make friends with it so that it is no longer threatening or overwhelming to have the emotion.  

This module will provide more depth into the philosophical understanding of non-duality and what is means to practically establish oneself in the witness mind. It will explore concepts like identity, attachment, interdependence and will draw from both basics of Buddhist philosophy and Advaita Vedanta with the focus of integrating this learning and awareness into life through meditation and practice. Book reading and study groups may also be an aspect of this module.

Facilitator Of The Living With Freedom Program

Sadia Saeed

Sadia Saeed is a psychologist and the founder of Inner Space.

She is completely convinced that the path to peace and happiness lies in turning inwards. She has designed the Living with Freedom program with the intention of helping participants look within, in order to uncover the true source of happiness and wisdom that resides in all. 

The program helps in a systematic and clear transfer of the knowledge from the Indian philosophical scriptures and psychotherapeutic schools into a lived wisdom through self-awareness, integration and practice. 

This program is a result of over 22 years of her practice as psychotherapist and facilitator of mindfulness-based workshops.  In this time, she has extensively worked with various individuals and organizations helping incorporate mindfulness practices in order to aid emotional resilience, personal growth and mental health. Her expertise is in blending the eastern and western approaches- integrating the study of Buddhist Suttas and yogic practices with neuroscience, psychology and principles of somatic therapy to present mindfulness in a way that is applicable to challenges of the present day.

Know more about Sadia

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