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Through our posts, we’ve been talking about how it is okay to seek help and how seeking help is a sign of strength, not of weakness.

We understand that even then, when you do decide to go in for counseling, you might have some doubts or apprehensions-

“What really is counseling?”

“What happens in these sessions?”

“Will it actually help?”

These are real questions and a lot of people we interact with do voice them as well. So, we decided that real questions deserve real answers; we asked some of those who have been in therapy with us, to share what therapy or counseling means to them.

We are sharing what some of them said with you. We hope this is as encouraging for you as it was for us 🙂

What They Had to Say..

Therapy for me was a profound experience. Helped me clear my thoughts and find myself again.”

“Therapy feels like a healing process.”

“Counseling has given me freedom to express myself without any fear or inhibitions to my therapist. It has opened up new vistas in my life. it provides me with motivation to go ahead in life. It also helped me accept myself without any shame.”

“Therapy has helped me in understanding (and articulating) that pain and change are normal parts of life. And in the process helped me grow as a person.”

“I feel like a car. And every car needs maintenance!! So do I”


Such feedback is meant to be shared! Mainly because it can help relieve the anxiety that many people have about seeking help.

So, we putting up a chart with all the feedback that we’ve collected at the Mental Health Awareness Weekend, Bandra. Do join in all of you!

Before we sign off, leaving you a snapshot of some of the feedback


Therapy for me is


About the Author: Malini Krishnan and Anusha Manjani are part of the team of psychologists at Inner Space – A center for counseling and psychological assessment. Sadia Raval is the Founder & Chief Psychologist.
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