We are delighted to share with you our new website, called Mindful Spring, designed to be a one-stop space for insights, practices, information and events on Mindfulness and Meditation.

Mindfulness has always deeply interested us and has been an integral part of the work we do. We have come to realize that we have a lot more to write about Mindfulness and wish to conduct more workshops, given also the eagerness of those following our work. All this demanded a separate, dedicated space. So we began developing a new website, keeping in mind individuals new to mindfulness as well as those who have been practicing for a while.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a beautiful practice that helps in connecting and being rooted in life as it flows by. It involves getting our minds back to the present and paying attention to the life that is unfolding right now within us and around us.

Practising mindfulness helps us because most of our suffering comes from our mind’s judgments about how life is not good enough or how it should be bettered. So it is all about wisely paying attention to what is occurring within and outside us without judging it.

As you practice mindfulness, you can slowly begin to have a better connection with your life. As that connection increases, you start slowly teasing apart what is actually happening from the mind’s commentary of what is happening. You can see the present moment for what it is- brief, fleeting, ever changing.

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What is Meditation?

Meditation is a personal practice that helps you be mindful. It focuses on deeply connecting with your mind. It is a way to settle down enough to actually experience the workings of your mind and to gain insights.

It is only when we can sit quietly attempting to concentrate the mind that we can observe how it actually works. Not only this, but editation can change the way the brain functions.

The seemingly simple activity of focusing on a single object can produce amazing results that range from stress reduction and improved attention capacity to superior creativity, feelings of compassion and improved attention. However meditation is not easy and only gets better with practice.

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Mindfulness for Organizations


Mindful organizations represent workplaces which embrace mindfulness as a part of daily work life. Building such a workplace involves developing a healthy and a happy workforce, thus reducing attrition rates and increasing employee satisfaction.

We recognize the need for integrating mindfulness in organizations and have therefore, devised a robust, research-based program which is also customizable as per the company’s needs.

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Mindfulness Programs

Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation Workshop

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An 8 Week Course in Mindfulness Meditation

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Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy Course

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