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It’s that time of the year again when every building is dotted with lanterns, diyas and lights…and not to mention, when it’s okay to eat as many sweets as you want to! Diwali is here! The festival of lights is a much loved one across all ages and communities. No wonder then that no exchange in these 3-4 days would be complete without “Happy Diwali” 🙂 Apart from the festivities and fire crackers, there is a deeper meaning that Diwali would hold for each of you. To some it would mean hope, whereas for some, joy. For Diwali, we at Inner Space decided to come together and share with you what Diwali means to each of us in the team. Penning this down was a soothing experience and helped each of us connect with what Diwali truly meant to us.  

The Deeper Meaning that Diwali Holds :-

For Sadia:-


“As a child Diwali always meant a celebration of victory of good over evil. As I grew up I heard the prayer song “Hum ko mann ki shakti dena mann vijay karein”. (Give us the strength (O God), to be victorious over our minds). With time the meaning of this song has become clearer. Diwali is still about a victory of good over evil- but both good and evil are within me. I wish you all a Happy Victorious Diwali” ~ Sadia  

For Malini:

Inner Goodness

When many diyas come together, they light up the whole space. If each of us believes in our inner goodness, we’d light up the universe. Happy Diwali” ~ Malini

For Megha:

Cleansing excess baggage

“Diwali involves cleaning up, beautifying and lighting up your dwelling. To me, it signifies cleansing your mind of the disturbing thoughts and getting rid of the excess baggage, thus creating space for a fresh perspective and a more peaceful state of mind” ~ Megha  

Anusha says:

fresh perspective

“The diyas that light up each house and the rangolis that adorn every doorstep. The sound of laughter in the air. As a child, I thought I liked celebrating Diwali only because I got to eat as many laddoos as I wanted that day 😛 I’ve come to realize though, that Diwali for me has always signified hope; a new beginning. It gives me a chance to learn from my past experiences. Every Diwali, I try and let go of the old and welcome in the new. Wishing you a Happy Diwali that is lit up with hope and the beautiful possibilities that lie ahead.” ~ Anusha  

Kunjal Says:

Reflective and thankful “Diwali’s always been quiet time for me: our family, throughout my childhood, have enjoyed the splendour of Diwali without the noise and excess sweets by holidaying in quaint, celebrative places. For me, it continues to stay reflective, gentle and a time to be grateful and thankful to people around 🙂 Wish you all a very Happy (my) Diwali!” ~ Kunjal  

Nandita Says:

childhood memories “Diwali is a feeling of togetherness…especially for me; it brings back old childhood memories…a feeling of joy and being carefree. And we forever keep trying to bring that back in this day of Diwali. Happy Diwali to All 🙂 ” ~ Nandita Diwali means so many different things to each one of us! It is a festival of hope and happiness. We’re glad we got to share this with all of you. Have a Happy, Bright and Safe Diwali! ~ loads of love, Inner Space Diwali 2013 Also know what we shared for Diwali last year

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