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Resources To Navigate The Pandemic

With the resurgence of the pandemic, we may find ourselves trying to cope with a multitude of emotions ranging from anxiety, grief, sadness to helplessness and frustration. This is a compilation of various articles, guided meditations and informational videos created by Inner Space to help you navigate these challenging times.

While some of these resources have been created in times prior to the pandemic, we believe that they continue to be applicable in the present times! We hope these resources resonate with you and provide you with at least some support during these pressing times. 

The pandemic has been a collective experience of multiple stressors. All of us may have experienced a certain extent of this vicariously while many others may have had actual exposure to traumatic experiences. Here are some exercises especially curated by Sadia Saeed who is a trauma informed psychotherapist, to help you deal with trauma and emotional overwhelm.

Coping With Your Anxiety
Using Mindfulness

Why Can’t I Be Mindful
When Things Are Really Difficult

Meditation on Staying
With Difficult Emotions

Mountain Meditation for
Dealing with Stress

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