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MHAW 2014


Mental Health Awareness Week 2014 is here! Those of you who have been reading our blogs know that every year, we pick a different theme that we feel will help people to become more attuned to their emotional well-being. Over the last couple of years (2011, 2012, 2013) we have been posting something special for all of you throughout this week and the tradition continues this year as well.

This year, the theme is “Looking Within”. This of course is a phrase you have heard multiple times; but… when do you look within? Or rather, when are you encouraged to look within? When times are tough, when you feel stuck – that is when most people search for answers within.

More often than not, this search is less exploration and more struggle. Since there is already so much chaos in the situation; it becomes difficult to truly connect with yourself. The answers evade you, or confuse you. Sometimes, this even discourages you from making another attempt to look within.

At this point, you are probably thinking ‘so far, this makes sense; but what does this have to do with mental health? Why does looking within help?

Why Look Within?

Most of the time, you remain caught up with routine, juggling between the myriad things you need to do. In the midst of this daily hustle-bustle, emotional health takes a backseat. Even in the free time you get, you tend to evaluate the day, plan for the day ahead or distract yourself from your ‘self’.  This is something that has become a part of all our lives today.

What you do not realize, that after all this there is no space for you to truly spend time with yourself. To pause and really know what you are feeling or thinking- whether it is pain or joy or anger. You rarely explore these thoughts and feelings. What happens then? Most unpleasant emotions or sensations tend to stay uncomfortably lodged in a room that does not allow for acceptance.

We strongly feel that Mental Health is not just about dealing with problems that come up but it is also about forming a connection with yourself- a compassionate connection that perpetuates a healthy mind and body relationship. And “looking within” is the first step towards this. When you spend time looking within, you will realize that you are more in touch with what your mind and body is going through in the present, whether pleasant or unpleasant. The best part about this is that when situations do get tough, you will not feel as stuck. You will find that you are able to cope with difficult experiences better and with more compassion towards yourself.

From 5th October to 11th October- Mental Health Awareness Week, we will be posting a different blog by a different psychologist from our team every day which will provide a framework for this exploration.

So take this week as a gentle start to building this most important relationship with yourself, to connecting with yourself! 🙂

Feel free to share your opinions and perspectives on mental health. Also, let us know about any ways which have helped you to look within. You can send in any feedback or questions that you might have, we will be glad to help you out.

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