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The Inner Space Team announces a group session, ‘The Person behind the Parent’. As a parent you have dropped your children off to classes, therapy sessions, have attended Parent-Teacher meetings, open houses, been called to school to hear complaints or praises, fretted, fumed, stressed and of course loved it to some extent.

Time to love yourself, we say!


Parenting, in today’s time is not easy and we at Inner Space understand that completely. Parents invest a lot of physical and emotional energy in their children. This is necessary and fulfilling at some level. However, in due course of time, they often miss out on focusing on themselves as individuals. In other words, the ‘person’ behind the ‘parent’ slowly takes a backseat in the whole storm of trying to be a good parent or even simply trying to manage several roles. Parents become either unaware or avoidant of their own needs, wishes and emotions or too stressed and tired to do much about them.


All this, undoubtedly, for the sake of happy, flourishing children! But will tired, stressed parents be able to encourage happiness in their children? We do not think so! Hence, we decided to come up with a session on parenting that focuses on the parent and not on the child. We want to look keenly at working towards the parent’s happiness as an individual before striving for more effective parenting. In this session let’s talk about ‘you’ for a change!


Please enroll quickly as we have a small space and number of people we can accommodate runs out fast.


This session will be held on the 20th of November, Sunday, from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon in the Inner Space premises.


The charges of the same will be Rs 750


For Registration contact: Mahima Gupta (+91 9769494335) or Malini Krishnan (+91 9820270835)


For further details or queries contact: Sadia Raval (+91 9833985538)

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