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Feeling gratitude

Cultivating Gratitude

We experience our life in a collection of moments; some moments are big and impactful whereas some are simple and small. Why is it so difficult for us to appreciate the simple things in our lives? –Something as simple as the aromatic smell of an energizing cup of coffee on a sleepy morning, Or the […]

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offline meditation retreat on self compassion

Metta: The Practice of Compassion

Many of us encounter moments in life where forgiveness feels impossible. We might hold onto contempt or resentment towards someone, struggling to understand their actions and wondering, “Why are they this way?” These feelings can leave us feeling blocked, and incapable of extending kindness or love. Maybe it’s a partner resistant to change, or someone

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Everyone wants to know what their strengths are – what they are good at, what situations they can pull-off well and what about them helps them cope better with life.

‘Strengths’ of any person are unique. Even if two people have the same strength, for example, good communication skills, the way each person’s communication skills show up in life would be very very different.

Sometimes, it is this unique nature of strengths that makes it difficult for you to truly identify what your strengths are. You probably think – ‘God, he’s so effective with customers’, or, ‘She’s so good with conversation!’ when you notice others.



‘Maybe’- A Zen Story

I just love stories! The role of stories in conveying deeper meanings without appearing like direct instruction is unmatched. In my sessions too, I love citing cases or telling stories.

Zen stories are beautiful, in their simplicity and depth of meaning. Here is a lovely story which characterizes the meanings people attach to all events of life. The way we characterize situations as good or bad for us. It reveals simply the meaninglessness of attaching meanings. Read on and enjoy!

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Happiness Blueprint

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