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Mindfulness Programs for
Children & Teenagers

Research suggests that learning mindfulness based techniques helps children and teenagers improve self-confidence, relationship with others, attention, impulse control, ability to enjoy the task at hand, destress and much more.

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Mindfulness Programs for
Children & Teenagers

Learning early to watch the mind, cultivate a compassionate relationship with it, and know how to approach things from a stable, centered mindset rather than a frantic, stressed one makes a lot of difference in how one’s life progresses. Our mindfulness programs for children and teenagers are helpful in starting this journey. 


Breathing Happiness: A Mindfulness Program For Children

In this 4-week course, children will learn how to manage the mind, deal with feelings and thoughts, relax the mind without fighting thoughts, build concentration without fighting with the mind, manage pressure and conflicting expectations and get a better understanding of oneself. Parents will also get an opportunity to experience mindfulness along with their children.


Mindfulness Sessions for Teens based on the book - "You are Simply Perfect”

In these weekly sessions, teenagers will learn ways to deal with their challenges by being centred, aware and mindful. They will learn to build emotional resilience and get tools to deal with overthinking that will help them create a feeling of calm and clarity. The sessions will be based on the book- “You are Simply Perfect” written by Sadia Saeed.

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Free Mindfulness Resources for
Children & Teenagers

mindfulness tool: calm jar

The Calm Jar: An Effective Mindfulness Tool To Help Children Manage Stress

Regular use of the calm jar gives children a clearer understanding of how their inner weather is and at the same time helps calm it down. With practice, their nervous system learns to rest even in stressful situations creating more space for the children to respond to a situation rather than act on an impulse and react.

mindful walking for children & teenagers

Dealing With Restlessness In Children Through Walking Meditation

Walking meditation helps children feel grounded. It connects them to the present by connecting them to earth that is always present and supportive under their feet. It also regulates their energy, helps improve their ability to pay attention in the present, calm themselves and also manage distractions and restlessness.

Expert Articles on
Mindful Parenting

Mindful parenting is an attitude and a mindset rather than a structured, systematic approach to parenting. It uses numerous mindfulness concepts to help parents pause before reacting to kids and life situations with strong, overwhelming emotions. Explore more about mindful parenting through our expert articles.

You Are Simply Perfect!

A Mindfulness & Self-Awareness Guide For Teens And Tweens
By Sadia Saeed

Written by a Sadia Saeed – a renowned psychologist and mindfulness trainer, this beautifully illustrated book is divided into five parts that will help in easing everyday anxieties. Learn to make friends with yourself, your body, mind and feelings, and to deal with difficult emotions and situations.

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Learn to Handle Challenging Thoughts & Emotions

A workshop by our founder Sadia Saeed, Psychologist, Meditation Trainer & Author


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