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Holding Hands


Most parents seek guidance on how they can change the negative behavior of their children and encourage more positive behavior. We have held two workshops at Inner Space focusing on behavior modification addressing these concerns. Behavior modification is the process applied to enable the child and parents to methodically bring about the required changes. It involves setting up rules of actions and consequent positive or negative repercussions. Positive behavior gets rewards while negative behavior gets no rewards.

This is also what we often do in life naturally. However, more often than not we do it inconsistently.



Coping and dealing with a child who has a developmental difficulty requires patience, understanding and firm inner resilience, which is why it is referred to as being relatively difficult. It takes us time to understand the nature of our child’s barriers to growth and then help them. But, what about a situation where we probably do not understand fully that our child is facing genuine barriers to growth?? What about when we attribute their problem behavior to their personalities and miss out on recognizing a mild form of a developmental disturbance?? This blog muses about these possibilities.

Parental Counseling

Parental Counseling Have you been feeling stressed and exhausted as a parent? Or, are you a new parent who is feeling anxious about whether you will be a good parent to your child? Parental Counseling can be a great option for you to help yourself feel happier and better and create a happy, supportive, and …

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mindfulness meditation practice

How to Practice Mindfulness Meditation

What is mindfulness meditation? Mindfulness is a beautiful practice that helps us become rooted in life. It involves getting our minds back to the present and paying attention to the life that is unfolding right now within and around us.  This practice of mindfulness is one of compassion and gentleness. It is a way of bringing the …

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Mindfulness Programs for Children & Teenagers

Mindfulness Programs for Children & Teenagers Research suggests that learning mindfulness based techniques helps children and teenagers improve self-confidence, relationship with others, attention, impulse control, ability to enjoy the task at hand, destress and much more. Programs Free Resources Mindfulness Programs for Children & Teenagers Learning early to watch the mind, cultivate a compassionate relationship …

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The Calm Jar: An Effective Mindfulness Tool To Help Children Manage Stress

Often children find it difficult to manage the flood of thoughts and emotions that they experience while coping with a difficult situation or even while disengaging from a stressful day. They may end up throwing temper tantrums, withdraw socially, lose focus, cry easily or engage in other such venting behaviours. Managing these behaviours can sometimes …

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mindful walking for children & teenagers

Dealing with Restlessness in Children through Walking Meditation

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our children could experience full joy while eating an ice-cream or while doing an activity they love, instead of burning out, asking for more or feeling bored? In this time of information overload and instant gratification children end up losing touch with their own mind and body. Multitasking and the …

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Benefits Of Mindfulness

The Many Benefits Of Mindfulness Benefits Of Mindfulness Mindfulness helps you connect with a direct experience in the here and now. Research shows that benefits of mindfulness involve healing stress, addiction, pain, anxiety and several other afflictions. It opens people towards being receptive to self compassion, joy, love, positivity and can nurture the brain to be …

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Are You Overprotecting Your Child?

The parent of today is quite different from the parent of 20 years ago. If you are today’s parent, you read up regularly, follow various parenting blogs and try to stay aware about the resources needed to raise a child effectively. You try your best to meet all your child’s needs be it at a …

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The Art of Listening

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