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Mental Health Training for Organisations

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Mental health Training for Organisations

With rising levels of uncertainty, change, stress and anxiety due to the global pandemic, mental health training for organisations has become crucial.  Employees increasingly need to develop emotional resilience skills, address mental health concerns and create an emotionally safe climate in organizations. 

We create mental health programs based on principles of self-awareness, non-judgment, emotional regulation and compassion to create well-being in employees. Our approach is to combine eastern principles of mindfulness and meditation with western evidence-based approaches of neuroscience, and psychotherapy.  Our programs are completely adaptable and customizable to the emerging needs of your group or organization. At the moment, we deliver our programs online.

Corporate Training

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NGO Training

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Our Approach

Mindfulness Training for Leaders

We train leaders in developing mindfulness and supportive mental health skills as leaders most effectively help changes to percolate through the organization. Training leadership leads to a direct motivation for other members of the organization to follow suit. Leaders can further direct an organization-wide mental health training strategy.  

Train the Trainer

Train the trainer programs are done with a cohort of interested people in the organization. This cohort goes through extensive training in mindfulness, basic support skills, and understands a wellness framework. The trainers can then help steer the organization’s culture towards more wellness and mental health.

The trainers also are able to hold space for distressed employees and recognize when a mental health concern needs a referral.

Ongoing Support

We provide the trainers with materials like prerecorded video and audio programs that they can use to facilitate mental health, resilience, and mindfulness training in the organization.  Also refresher trainings and meetings to address specific challenges and problem areas are provided.

These programs are adaptable to corporates, non-profits, and any organizational structure. We can facilitate the training in English as well as Hindi as needed.

To contact us, write to us on or call on 9833985538.

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