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Group therapy For Women in Relationships – A Part of Couples Therapy

‘My husband doesn’t seem to care as much for me as I do for him’

‘I crave to spend some quality time with him in the evenings, but he’d rather watch TV’

‘I feel he needs me lesser than I need him’

‘I toil and work so hard at work and home for my family, yet nobody seems to really care, nobody values me’

‘I am career oriented, but also feel guilty since I am putting work before family’.

If you find yourself thinking like this often, you are certainly not the only one. In couples therapy, we see several relationships where the woman is undergoing a similar internal crisis. She struggles to keep herself together, for the sake of her family. However, in this attempt, often she ignores her own emotions in the name of compromise and adjustment until her own sense of identity – who she is, fades away. While we completely understand that it is natural to want to care for family, we have also seen time and again that ignoring one’s emotions only leads to more dissatisfaction and angst, not only in the woman, but ironically, also in the family – the very people she yearns to nurture and care for. A woman’s mental health is inextricably connected to the family’s mental health. Hence, these emotions need to be looked at and worked with and not swept under the carpet.

Keeping this in mind, we are introducing a group therapy program for women, to help with difficulties women face in relationships and in turn, ease stress in the marital relationship.

Why Group Therapy?

‘So why is it important that I share what I am going through? Is there a Need? Can I not sort this out on my own?’ Yes, you are capable of sorting the issues and improving the situation. However, often when we try to work through situations on our own, we remain caught within the confines of our thoughts, or our viewpoint of the situation. Moreover, there are not too many people in our environment who can offer new perspectives without making us feel rejected and misunderstood. Slowly, we start to feel alone and unsupported in the struggle – we feel like we are the only ones who care to make things work, and that there is probably nobody who will understand.

This is where group therapy can help. Group therapy provides a space where several women undergoing similar relationship difficulties can come together, share their concerns and work through them with the help of the counsellor as well as the support of the group. This support is very important, as it helps one realize how many others are actually going through similar circumstances and emotions. In the group, difficulties are addressed in a deeper, more meaningful manner and worked through. Across sessions, the group becomes closer and more cohesive, helping all members to take active steps towards their emotional betterment. Know more about the nature and principles of group therapy.

Benefits of Group Therapy for Women in Relationships

As a part of group therapy for women, you will explore and develop intervention strategies that help you live fuller lives through the following:

– Balancing various role demands at home and at work – understanding conflicting emotions that come up with these roles and how to cope with the same

– Coping with relationship difficulties – gaining insight into what aggravates relationship difficulties and how they can be managed

– Understanding the human mind better – what causes one to remain attached to certain emotional states, how patterns of thought and behaviour are formed and what can be done to change them

– Understanding Men better – gaining insight into how men truly experience and perceive themselves and their partners through perspectives from evolutionary psychology

– Developing Healthy Means of Communication – understanding differences in communication styles between men and women

– Dealing with Frustration, anger, helplessness and feeling victimized

– Learning ways to create support in your existing relationships

– Getting honest feedback in a safe and confidential space

Although you may be initially reluctant to be a part of the group, we do believe that once you participate you will feel comfortable since you will meet other women who face similar challenges as you, and are as committed to overcoming them as you are.

On a lighter note, although it is said that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, being on Earth doesn’t have to make it so difficult for all of us 🙂

The group will be facilitated by two psychotherapists from Inner Space.

Specific Details:

Group size: Max 10 ppl.

Frequency of group sessions: Once in 2 weeks

1 Session duration: 1 hr 30 mins.

Fees for Initial Consultation Session: Rs.1300

Fees for Group Sessions: Rs.800 per session

Estimated number of Group Sessions – 8

This group will begin from October onwards

We would love to have you as a part of these sessions. In order to do so, contact us on 9833985538 or email us on Initially, you would book an individual consultation session with us where we can discuss the difficulties that you wish to resolve in detail. Accordingly, we will suggest if group therapy, individual therapy or a combination of the two would benefit you the most.

About the facilitators: Nandita and Megha

The Group therapy sessions for men and women are conducted by Nandita Sarma and Megha Tulsiyan, who are counselors at Inner Space.

About Nandita Sarma:

Nandita has been a practicing psychologist since 6 years. In her work, she has extensively dealt with couples and relationships, as well as with individuals undergoing emotional difficulties. In therapy, she primarily uses cognitive-behavioral approaches, along with elements of psychoanalysis and psychodrama.

About Megha Tulsiyan:

Megha Tulsiyan has been a practicing psychologist since 6 years. She too has psychotherapeutically worked with several couples as well as individuals over the years. She primarily uses the Rational-Emotive-Behavioral Approach in therapy. She is pursuing her PhD in psychology.

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