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Group Therapy For Men In Relationships – A Part Of Couples Therapy

If you are a married man facing some difficulty in your relationship, then chances are high that you would be dealing with the following questions and more on a day to day basis.

‘My wife and my mother don’t get along with each other. How do I deal with the differences between them?’

‘There is just too much pressure at work. How should I juggle time between work and family?’

‘Just because I choose to remain silent during arguments, why am I perceived as being emotionless?’

‘I care for her but she doesn’t seem to think so. I feel misunderstood. Am I caring or am I really not caring enough?’

As psychotherapists, since we do couples therapy, we understand that men in relationships face such difficulties. They have to deal with the contrasting expectations of being the protector, the rescuer, and being strong even in times of crises on one hand; and being gentle, caring and emotionally involved on the other hand. In fulfilling these expectations, men are not allowed to fail, and this takes a toll on them. Amongst dealing with the pressures of providing financial and emotional support to the family, and pressures at work, their feelings remain unacknowledged. Men are taught to shut themselves up emotionally and to ‘look out for themselves’ without asking for help. Hence, their emotions often remain bottled up. But the truth is that we all need to feel understood and it always helps to have support when dealing with difficulties.

How Can Group Therapy provide this Support?

Group therapy is a space where you can express your concerns and the way you feel to others who are in a similar situation and undergoing similar emotions. With the help of the therapists, the group members gain a better understanding of what they can do to cope healthily with the situation. They also receive an understanding, supportive environment to work through their feelings and emotions. Know more about the nature and principles of Group Therapy.

Benefits of Group Therapy for Men in Relationships

– Enhancing emotional intelligence: Bottled up emotions can interfere with living life fully and happily. Understanding your own emotions better will help you improve multiple aspects of your life.

– Balancing various role demands: being a husband, a brother, a son, a friend and managing work roles

– Improving Work Performance: Emotional clarity will help you to have a more focused and motivated approach to work

– Learning new ways to communicate and express feelings

– Getting honest feedback in a safe and confidential space

– Learning ways to create support in your existing relationships and improving the quality of your important relationships

The group will be facilitated by two psychotherapists from Inner Space. Although you may be initially reluctant to be a part of the group, we do believe that an understanding and supportive group environment will help you feel comfortable.

Specific Details:

Group size: Maximum 10 people

Frequency of group sessions: Once in 2 weeks

Day and Time: Friday, 7pm to 8.30pm

Session duration: 1 hr 30 mins per session

Fees for Initial Consultation Session: Rs.1450

Fees for Group Sessions: Rs.900 per session

Minimum number of Group Sessions – 8

This group will begin in October

We would love to have you as a part of these sessions. In order to do so, contact us on 9833985538 or email us on Initially, you would book an individual consultation session with us where we can discuss the difficulties that you wish to resolve in detail and understand the situation better.

About the facilitators:

The Group therapy sessions for men and women are conducted by Nandita Sarma and Megha Tulsiyan, who are counselors at Inner Space. As a part of their work, they deal extensively with couples and relationships. Through therapy, they aim to help individuals gain more insight into their thoughts and emotions, in order for them to make healthy life-decisions and build fulfilling relationships.

Know more about them here.

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