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About the Free Mindfulness Ebook

Often you are afraid of slowing down or doing nothing because you fear that the moment you stop entertaining and distracting yourself, your mind will bring up all the feelings of dissatisfaction or boredom and maybe the difficult emotions you are trying to avoid. However, not staying connected to the present means losing out on the joy of life as it is right now. The concepts and practices of mindfulness can help you stay more connected to yourself and your life. 

This free e-book by Sadia Saeed, called “The First Few Steps to Mindfulness”  has been written to help you start your mindfulness practice in a simple and easy way. The book describes the basics of mindfulness meditation and explains the five pillars of mindfulness, which form the core of the practice.

About the Free Meditation Course

“Meditation Made Simple: Start Your Practice” is a free online meditation course curated by our founder and mindfulness trainer Sadia Saeed.

Meditation is not only meant to calm you. It is a way to bring perspective, meaning and health into your life. Doing this meditation course will help you to start a journey of self-awareness. There is nothing more rewarding that learning to be a friend to yourself. It will help you learn a way to live with less longing and more contentment. Through this course you can, find a way to relax while just being you, without needing too much from the world or people around.

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About the Author & Course Director


Sadia Saeed is the founder and chief psychologist of Inner Space Counseling. She has been a practising psychologist for the past 23 years. She views mindfulness as a cornerstone of her psychotherapeutic practice and has been facilitating several mindfulness and meditation workshops for individuals and corporates both within and outside India. She has undergone mindfulness training from both Indian and Western perspectives, attending courses and retreats across various schools of Indian philosophy and neurorscience relating to mindfulness.  

Her interest lies in integrating concepts from Indian philosophy with best practices from psychotherapy to create courses that can help people access their happiness and joy and live a life of mental health and well-being.

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