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Here are some mindfulness resources and meditation practices to help you pave a path to a mentally healthy and happy life.

As psychologists and mindfulness practitioners, we have created special programs and written articles to make mindfulness directly and practically applicable to your mental health.

Learning to live in the present, appreciating life for what it brings us, is a core pillar of good mental health. However, our mind is instead conditioned to worry about the future or reminisce about the past. In a sense, a great deal of emotional difficulty is caused by the mind focusing excessively on some aspects of life, thus, missing out on acquiring a holistic perspective.

For example, when angry, our focus is on how we are wronged, when worried, it is on how the future may turn out. these mindfulness resources will help you learn to relax mentally and experience the present fully, thereby training the mind to take one moment at a time. Such training and ongoing practice will heal your mind and body internally and helps you find true inner peace.

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The Calm Jar: An Effective Mindfulness Tool To Help Children Manage Stress

Often children find it difficult to manage the flood of thoughts and emotions that they experience while coping with a difficult situation or even while disengaging from a stressful day. They may end up throwing temper tantrums, withdraw socially, lose focus, cry easily or engage in other such venting behaviours. Managing these behaviours can sometimes …

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mindful walking for children & teenagers

Dealing with Restlessness in Children through Walking Meditation

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if our children could experience full joy while eating an ice-cream or while doing an activity they love, instead of burning out, asking for more or feeling bored? In this time of information overload and instant gratification children end up losing touch with their own mind and body. Multitasking and the …

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Mountain Meditation for Staying Steady during Stressful Times

Mountain Meditationfor Staying Steady during Stressful Times Mountain Meditationfor Staying Steady during Stressful Times Mountain Meditationfor Staying Steady during Stressful Times Stress is really an overused word and yet it is a defining aspect of our current, modern life. When you are in the loop of stress and constant thoughts, it is easy to forget …

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anxiety, mindfulness, meditation

Coping with Anxiety Using Mindfulness

Anxiety and coping with it consumes a lot of energy for many of us. If you are prone to anxiety, you know that it feels like a continuous buzz in the mind, with streams of thought about alarming situations, how they could be dreadful, how they can be prevented and what if you can’t prevent …

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Mind Body1


I feel so worried

I’m extremely sad today

I’m very very angry

A feeling is equal to some thoughts and a state of mind – is that it though? When you speak of sadness, anger, fear, despair what do you think these emotions really include? A lot of us mistakenly believe that emotions are just about some thoughts and the way one feels.

This understanding is hugely incomplete

Emotions have a big, big manifestation in the body too. In fact, the body is the seat of emotions.

Discovering happiness, even if you feel low


As December sets in, everything around you oozes of cheer, joy and happiness. Daily life seems to get a boost of excitement when you see that preparations for the celebrations have begun all around – be it Christmas, New Year’s or weddings. However, amidst all the December enthusiasm, there may be people who are feeling low, depressed and lonely.

be mindful


Your senses are your window to the world; you experience life through your senses. Yet, in your everyday routine, you remain busy in trying to make meaning of whatever you see, hear, smell, taste and touch. This is necessary and an essential part of survival! However, if you think about it, every sensory experience is so rich on its own.
Keeping this in mind, this blog describes a mindfulness exercise that involves paying attention to one sense at a time.

5 minutes of silent meditaiton with the lamp


Diwali is here-a time of the year for festivity and rejoicing and I love all of that. The sweets, the gifts, the general feeling of gaiety and energy in the air-its invigorating.

There is another image, a slightly different one that also stays with me which I want to share with you. It is the image of the lamps burning away into the night, much after all the noise and the gaiety subsides.

Dealing with emotions and feelings mindfully


Okay! So here we come to the end of the Mental Health Week with our last post, and all along we have made it a week of mindfulness for you and for us.

As promised in the last post, we are taking you into somewhat deeper levels of mindfulness since the last two days. In today’s post we will work on mindfulness with emotions and feelings. As in the last six days, we will do a small exercise to help you observe your emotions, mindfully. But before the exercise a little bit more on observing emotions:

How can emotions and feelings be observed?

You know when you are happy, sad, angry, disappointed and so on… Well how do you know? Maybe you will quickly answer “I just know”! But this is mindfulness week remember? We do everything with a pause…so I Invite you to try to not answer immediately! Take a moment and think on how you know what you feel. Think before you go on reading…

how to be mindful without labelling


We have already discussed in our first post for the mental health week, the exercise of creating present moment awareness through looking, through isolating one sense at a time and focusing on it in order to be mindful, or in the present.

Most of you who have been following the posts this week we are sure are already into the mindfulness groove. Hence for the last two posts for the week, we take you a little deeper into the mindfulness experience. Before I introduce you to today’s exercise, just a little background..