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The Great Resignation: many rationales to attrition

The Great Resignation, also known as the Great Reshuffle and the Big Quit refers to an economic situation where employees voluntarily quit their job en masse last year in the United States. This term was coined by Anthony C Klotz, a Texan professor of Business Administration who prophesied a mass work exodus in May 2021. …

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Dealing with Anxiety in the times of the Coronavirus

Historically, a pandemic seems to have occurred once in a 100 years, roughly. That means, for most of us alive today, this is a completely new experience! We have had little experience with a situation like this. What does this bring about? Uncertainty, change leading to more change, unexpected change bringing about anxiety – anxiety …

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Are You Overprotecting Your Child?

The parent of today is quite different from the parent of 20 years ago. If you are today’s parent, you read up regularly, follow various parenting blogs and try to stay aware about the resources needed to raise a child effectively. You try your best to meet all your child’s needs be it at a …

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Our last post talked about the difference between fear and a phobia, and what it feels like to have a phobia. Once one knows the implications of living with a phobia, it becomes easier to empathise with those dealing with one. As a next step, one might ask – How can I deal with my phobia? Since …


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On “Phobia”: What It Really Is

Most of us use the ‘word’ phobia rather casually. We often hear such exclamations as, “I really hate Maths… I think I have a phobia of numbers!” or “I don’t socialize much- It’s like I have social phobia!” But what really is a phobia, and how is it different from the more generic, everyday fear …

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Cognitive Distortions: Reeling You In

“There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”“The fault dear Brutus, is not in our stars, but in ourselves, that we are underlings.”William Shakespeare We have always been told that situations don’t define us, but what matters is our attitude towards the situation. So then, what is the difference between someone …

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What can you do if your child is afraid of monsters?

What to Do If Your Child is Afraid of Monsters?

What to Do If Your Child is Afraid of Monsters? “What if My 3 year old tells me he saw a ghost or monster? How should I respond? Should I ask him more about what he saw? Or should I divert his attention?” When your child is afraid of monsters, sometimes, you are not sure what the …

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Why not just visit a psychotherapist when you have no problems? When you go to a psychotherapist when there is no problem, you have the space to explore and reflect on your life. The intention would be solely for optimizing your life. It’s like talking to a dietician about how to modify your diet when you don’t have cholesterol or diabetes.

Are You Getting Enough Sleep?

May is Better Sleep Month, so let’s explore sleep, one of the elements of our lifestyle that we don’t pay conscious attention to, unlike dieting or exercising. You must know that not getting enough sleep over a long period of time could signal a deeper psychological concern and can have further implications on your mental health.

triangle of conflict


At times, we feel stuck in an endless, predictable cycle of feelings, behaviour patterns and situations. It seems as if we are continuously struggling, but still going farther away from what we truly want. In this article, our team of psychologists give their inputs on how it is likely that we might be struggling with a conflict that is more internal, than external – involving a wish, a fear and a defense.

The Art of Listening

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